Taking care of yourself should be your ultimate priority. And with the growing concerns about the pandemic, everyone is even more concerned about the health of their family. Plus, with work from home becoming popular amidst COVID-19, having a healthy home is even more vital than before.

You never know the potential dangers of an unclean home!

So, one must be vigilant about keeping their homes clean. Otherwise, the impact might even result in contracting diseases in times when you need to keep your health intact. Therefore, to avoid the dangers of an unclean home here’s what you need to do.

A healthy home is a key to a healthy life

  • Keep your rooms neat and tidy

A neat and clean home is not only good for your physical health but also boosts your mental health. You will notice that you will feel much more energetic and peaceful once your home is organized and spotless.

Regularly clean the floors, tables, doors, windows, chairs, kitchen slabs, AC Vents, Garage and Basement, and chimneys for a healthy home. If you have kids, you must take care of their toys and playing area’s cleanliness and disinfection. All the bathrooms in the house should be cleaned regularly to prevent the growth of moulds and fungus.

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  • Change your linens and rugs regularly

Your linens and rugs should be washed and cleaned regularly to get rid of germs, mites, and bugs. Old mats and carpets should be replaced; according to their lifespan. You can use vacuum cleaners, detergents, and appropriate cleaners to keep your rugs and carpets dust free. Many people also prefer using carpet cleaning services to ensure thorough cleaning of the carpets and also to increase their shelf life.

Change your sheets, pillow covers, shower curtains, and blankets regularly to avoid the growth of disease-causing bacteria. Clean sheets and blankets also contribute to your good night’s sleep.

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  • Upgrade your ventilation system

The chief cause of your home’s degrading air quality can be cobwebs, dust bunnies, animal dander, and mildew. Further, low indoor air quality might also trigger health problems such as asthma and other fatal allergies. As mentioned here, at https://leehvac.com/pages/pensacola-duct-cleaning, homeowners often ignore the V in HVAC, which stands for ventilation.

Proper ventilation keeps the in-house air fresh and healthy. Pollutants from the outside environment enter your home. A systematic system of ventilation can be installed to minimize the incoming of pollutants within the house. You can also consider installing a humidifier to keep a check on the airborne virus and bacteria.

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  • Sanitize your kitchen smartly

The kitchen is the heart of your home. It is important to keep the kitchen clean and sanitized. The kitchen appliances such as dishwasher, microwave, juicer, mixer, utensils, and stove must be cleaned with suitable cleaners after every use. It is recommended that you should use non-porous countertops and cutting boards in the kitchen. While sanitizing your kitchen, make sure that the food is stored in airtight containers.

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  • Avoid the nuisance created by house pests

As the weather changes, pests start to claim your beautiful home. Bugs like to enter your home through chimneys, open doors, AC vents, and other openings. And start contaminating your food, and spread various diseases. It is very annoying to deal with any kind of bug infestation. So, you must take preventive measures and keep your home pest-free.

Keep your lawn and yard well maintained as pests love to hide in overgrown grass and shrubs. The experts at https://www.geckopest.com/tucson-pest-control/ suggest not to overuse harmful pesticides to eliminate the pests as it emits hazardous gases. They are also chemical-based and can deteriorate the quality of the environment. Make sure you get regular attention for pest control and take extra precautions to keep the pests out of your home.

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  • Get rid of the unnecessary clutter from your home.

Once in a while, you should take a quick scan of your home. Get rid of the things you don’t use. You can donate old clothes and utensils and recycle rough papers and cardboard boxes. The items such as cans, foils, bottles, and all electronic waste, should be taken care of responsibly. You can also contact the Sanitation Department to get rid of them. It will give your home a clean and organized look.

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  • Drink filtered water

In this era of pollution and contamination, tap and bottled can pose a great threat to your family members’ health. It is recommended to install a water filter at your home and drink purified water. It would help if you changed the water filters regularly. Even if you live in a place where the tap water quality is good, it is still better to use water filters to eliminate toxic chemicals. It is better to be safe than sorry.

  • Do not forget to clean and disinfect your bathrooms and toilets

Every homeowner should keep a check on the cleanliness of bathrooms and toilets. You can use bleach or detergent-based cleaner to keep your toilets and the floor of the bathrooms clean and disinfected. Regular cleaning and disinfection can help you reduce the risk of the growth of germs in your home. If someone in your home is sick, it is advised to keep a close check on your washrooms’ cleanliness to minimize the spread of the virus.

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  • Use appropriate paints

Lead, and radon-based paints can be a huge risk to your health. It is scientifically observed that lead poisoning can cause brain damage in developing fetuses and young children. Radon is known to produce cancer-causing radioactive gas. It is a scientifically proven fact that breathing in the radon gas emitted by the paint can cause lung cancer.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission also offers a safety alert on its official website about lead-based paint testing guidelines. Check with your local health department and get your house tested as soon as possible.

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An unhealthy home can deteriorate your immune system and can make you fall sick regularly. However, the results are entirely opposite if you are living in a clutter-free and clean home. In fact, research proves that people living in clean and healthy homes sleep soundly and peacefully compared to people who live in cluttered conditions. Sweep away all the health problems from your home by keeping it clean and organized!

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