The living room is the centerpiece of the house and hence it has to look interesting and reflect your style. When you have the same decor for many years it starts to look boring but spending on upgrading to new furniture or even for a fresh coat of paint becomes expensive. But there is one item which when used removes the need for costly upgrades and that is the rugs. The perfect rug can rev up your living room like nothing else. Here are some rug ideas that you can use to transform your living room:

Go Bohemian with a Vibrant Colored Rug

If you are not happy with the idea of bright colors to the walls but yet want to add some color to your living space, then a good choice is to use a bright rug as that adds vibrancy. Moreover, these bright colors when laid on the floor is easy on the eye. A pretty pink rug can instantly change the look of your living room and is the perfect item to add color but yet keep it subtle.

Transform Your Living Room With These Rug Ideas

Add a Beach Vibe

If you miss the coastal vibe that you got when on a beach vacation, then you can easily recreate it in your living room with a new rug. Look for a rug of ocean blue and neutral gray or white color. You can either go for a plain look or have some floral designs or strips suggest experts from,, on their catalog These patterns are surely going to enhance the look of the rugs. But make sure that it matches the accent colors to get the makeover you are looking for. Another thing to check while buying the rug that you love is to purchase one that is comfortable for your feet.

Colorful Rug for your Modern Living Room

A modern living room has colorful furniture and to make it more colorful, area rugs with vibrant colors are perfect. Another benefit of using vibrant-colored rugs is that it shifts the focus from your furniture and instead, the bold pattern on the carpet becomes the focus. If you have amazing furniture and want to highlight it a muted graphic print rug does the trick.

Coordinated Design for an Open Home

If you have an open home design then it is necessary to accentuate it so that both the living and dining room blend together. But another consideration to make is to ensure that space’s identity is not lost. One of the ways to get that unique but unified look is to have a rug with a shared color but with different patterns. Simply put, the living and dining room rugs will be of the same color but with different patterns on them.

Gold Accents

The brushed gold accents are trending right now. You can also add that touch of gold to your decor with rugs made of natural gray which looks like gold. If you have old metal finish accessories then a mix of gold and gray makes for a great combination.

There are many versatile rug designs that will surely match your style, use any of the above ideas and transform your living room.

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