Every remodelling project is primarily meant to achieve two things: refreshment and improvement. A bathroom remodel isn’t exempt from this rule either, but it is a rather difficult room to restructure compared to most other rooms in the standard home. In case you are planning a bathroom remodelling project anytime soon, do take some time out and go through the following few tips, which may just help you get more out of your significant investment, as well as letting you avoid common mistakes.

Stay with the Original Layout Plan for Your Plumbing

Trying to change the layout of the original plumbing is one of the common mistakes that people make and end up adding unnecessary expense to their total remodelling budget. The layout of your bathroom’s sanitaryware should only be changed if it is really necessary and can’t be worked around, as it will shoot the expense up by hundreds of dollars, if not thousands!

When this cannot be avoided, keep the layout of the soil pipe in mind, and don’t let the toilet be replaced with a part of the bathroom that is just too far away from it.

The only exception to this rule would be in a situation where the plumbing system is ancient and out of date, making it necessary to change the whole layout. If you look at the information shared by experts at https://miamitile.com/plumbing-miami-fl/, you will find that water leak detection is a must besides other plumbing services. It can cause severe problems if you don’t contain it while remodelling your bathroom.

Don’t Forget that the Bathroom Window Needs to be Made Up of Tempered Glass

If you are not sure about the necessity or the need for using tempered glass windows in a bathroom, check out this blog post about tempered windows, which was published on US Windows & Doors a while back. Being in business for more than thirty years themselves, they go into great detail to explain and suggest the right kind of windows for every room.

In general, tempered glass windows are not just five times as strong as normal window glass, but they also shatter into tiny pieces on breakage, which prevents the chance of anyone accidentally breaking the window and cutting themselves on the broken glass. In some US states like Indiana, for example, it is also a legal requirement to have tempered glass windows in your bathroom, so don’t forget about this important little detail while remodelling the bathroom.

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Set It Realistically, But Do Not Overshoot the Budget

There are people who do not have to worry about overshooting a budget, but in case you are not one of them, it is very important to first set a realistic budget and then to stick to it with dedication.

A realistic budget is one that estimates the costs and allows for some extra expenses as well. There is no point in trying to cut corners when you are designing your own bathroom, so be practical and tasteful about setting that budget, but once you do set it realistically after talking with your contractor, stay dedicated to it.

It is just so easy to overshoot bathroom renovation budgets that unless you stick to it religiously, you will end up hopelessly overshooting it before you even realize that it’s happening! To help keep the budget from spiralling out of control, keep the following points in mind.

  • White is cheap and classy at the same time
  • The curvier your bathroom is, the more it will cost
  • Do not opt for too many architectural decorations, as they can be very costly
  • Negotiate the price of raw materials and the total cost with your contractor

Waterproofing is Essential

Wet rooms need waterproofing and that is a default setting for any bathroom really but talk to your contractor regarding how you can also keep the water from leaking into the rest of the apartment, in case of an emergency, such as a clogged toilet, for example.

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Small Bathrooms Can be Made to Look Bigger with Mirrors

Mirrors can essentially make any place look bigger than it actually is, but strategically using them in a bathroom can be tasteful in an aesthetic sense as well. If you don’t like mirrors in the bathroom, add a simple walk-in glass shower instead to achieve the same effect of making space seem bigger than it actually is. Once again, remember that for safety reasons, the glass walls and door of the shower needs to be made up of tempered glass as well.

Make Sure You Can’t See the Pipes

Pipes are ugly things that do not belong in a classy bathroom, but we all know that they are essential! To solve this dilemma, talk with your plumber and contractor for devising ways to hide them from plain sight, even if it costs you a bit extra in creating faux designs around them. In fact, it is best if the concealing of the pipes is part of the original design itself, as it may just reduce further expense.

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Be Mindful of the Lighting

In any room of the house, the lights are what brings everything to life at night, so bathrooms should be well-lit from multiple sources, rather than sticking with just a classic white ceiling light.

Put in some task lights and install more than one source of ambient lighting. Most importantly though, install a dimmer dial. Depending on your mood, the bathroom should be as bright or as dark as you need it to be while taking a shower, and for that to happen, you need the dimmer.

As a final tip, we would suggest that you always make your entire remodelling crew work in sync with each other. What this means is that when you first lay down the plans for the remodel with your contractor, make sure that your plumber and electrician are involved in it too. More often than not, skipping this step will result in conflicting designs, which in turn, will cost you even more money and time to make changes in the plan, as well as probably having to break down a portion of the bathroom that you just paid for!

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