A well-maintained irrigation system is vital for the health of your lawn and landscape. An irrigation system that doesn’t receive the care it requires can hurt the look of your lawn and landscape.

Believe it or not, a front lawn reflects on the indoor space. A dry or withered front lawn gives a negative outlook to your house. On the other hand, a lush green front garden welcomes visitors while reflecting the positive energy of your home.

As experts, we know that there is a great deal of effort that goes into the maintenance of a lawn. However, the effort is directly dependent upon the size and scale of the front area and type of grass in that area. Different grasses have their own needs and irrigation requirements; not having an irrigation system that matches the needs and conditions of the lawn and turf in your front yard can be detrimental for your garden’s look.

However, if your lawn is not as healthy as you want it to be, even after employing the best practices and tips available, there is something wrong with your irrigation system.

Like any other home appliance that needs repairing, a fault in the irrigation system should not be left ignored. Ignoring a problem with the irrigation system can have serious repercussion on your front lawn.

With the damage that a broken irrigation system has on the health of the lawn, the question that many of you will be asking is how to identify the signs that our irrigation system needs repair. Being alert to the needs of your lawn and vigilant in servicing the irrigation system are ways that you can avoid your irrigation system from failing.

Irrigation System

However, if for some reason you were not able to give attention when it was required, take immediate action when you witness signs that your front yard needs help. Therefore, if you notice any of the signs mentioned below in your irrigation system, it is imperative to stay alert and research before making a hasty decision. You can find out more about the irrigation system services before choosing one for your home.

1.     A Leak in the Irrigation System

A leak in the irrigation system affects the overall distribution of water. A balance in the delivery of water ensures that each segment of the lawn is equally healthy, giving your front yard a consistent look.

When there is a leak, the balance of water distribution is hurt. Unhealthy grassy fields and the appearance of soaked spots and patchy grasses all over your front yard are indicators of a leak in the irrigation system.

A landscaping professional can find out the exact location of the leak and then go about fixing that leak, regardless of the kind of infection your lawn faces.

2.     Cracks on the Sprinkler Heads

Problems in the valve or the pressure mechanism of the system force the delivery system to start spraying off target. Sprinkler heads, however, develop cracks and chips which result in a remarkable decline in their performance.

A crack in the sprinkler forces the pop-up head to shift out of position and eventually to sputter misdirected water, forming puddles in the yard.

The debris that clogs the sprinklers forces them to spray water in a wayward manner.

3.     Damp Spots Around the Pressure Regulators

Another signal, although temporary, that may be an indicator of a bigger problem is the dipping of water from the pressure regulators.

The development of damp spots around the pressure regulator is also an indication of more significant problems to come. The development of the wet spots and the leak is due to the accumulation of dirt particles and clippings around the equipment.

Owners of irrigation systems must stay alert to this phenomenon as it may render their system useless or may affect its performance.

4.     Sudden Spike in Water Bill

A sudden rise in the water bill is another reason that can prompt a user to call in a professional to identify the problem and then solve it.

As discussed before, all front lawns have their requirements and needs. Unless you don’t add on to the area of your front lawn, the needs will stay the same. Having the same requirements means that you can estimate and predict the cost of using the irrigation system; this is why an unexpected surge in the billing price may be an indication of something wrong.

We cannot be precise and pinpoint the exact reason for the increase in the bills but calling in a professional and allowing them to examine your irrigation system will enable you to understand the problem at hand.

5.     Pressure Problems

The pressure of the water supply plays an integral role in the amount of water to each corner of your lawn. Too little pressure will not cater to the requirements of a large yard; a higher pressure will instead sprinkle water on the walls of your home.

It is quite common for people, in this case, to go about checking the control valves and regulators. However, they often forget that, like the plumbing in our home, our irrigation pipes are also susceptible to shifting ground and invasive tree roots.

6.     Problems with the Irrigation Pump

In terms of the cost involved, the replacement of the irrigation pump can turn out to be the most you have spent on the repair of an appliance. In terms of significance, it is also the most critical cost you have ever borne.

When you notice a problem with the irrigation pump starting or the lack of water in the mechanism, then it is a sign that the irrigation pump needs a look from an expert. Another indication is the prevalent sound of rock churning that an irrigation pump may make when it is not functioning correctly.

To avoid the high cost of replacement and repair, ensure that you look after the irrigation pump at the slightest hint of damage as mentioned in the article.

Managing and servicing an irrigation system is a hectic and an expensive thing to do. Many services specialize in the task of providing excellent services that cater to not only your lawn and its landscaping but also the irrigation system.

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