Your eyes are one of the attractive features that enhances your facial beauty. It can make you look confident, refreshed, and simply stunning. However, the prevailing lifestyle, including late-night meetings, consumption of unhealthy food, and inadequate sleep, significantly affects the charm of the eyes. It leads to puffy and red eyes, dark circles, and dullness.

Thankfully, makeup and cosmetic products can make it easy to get rid of these signs and provide you with big and illuminated eyes. Don’t worry if you are not a pro at makeup. These tricks are pretty simple, so you can easily master them with little practice. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Tried And Tested Tips To Define Your Eyes And Make Them

Begin With Proper Skincare

With the correct skin care products, you may attain brighter eyes even before you start your makeup regimen. Look for de-puffing, hydrating, and dark circle-correcting eye cream or under-eye patches. In case you don’t have an eye cream, you can try natural methods to de-puff, such as using cucumber slices or frozen tea bags. It will help relax your eyes, giving them a fresh and vibrant look.

Cover Up Dark Circles With Concealer

Dark circles can give the appearance of a shadow around your eyes, making them look smaller. Use a concealer on the under-eyes to balance out the skin complexion and make the entire eye area look brighter and illuminated.

Pro tip: Apply concealer in the shape of an inverted triangle beneath your eyes. Also, use a shade lighter than your natural skin tone for a glowing appearance and blend it in flawlessly.

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Use False Eyelashes The Right Way

Many people, especially beginners, make the mistake of using false eyelashes entirely. By doing so, your eyes look a bit smaller and heavy. Instead of this, you should apply lashes only to the outer corners of yours. It will help create an illusion of bigger eyes. If you want, you can also add fakes to both upper and lower lash.

In addition, choose the right type of lashes that fit your eye shape. If the fit, style and length of them do not suit your eyes, they might make you feel uncomfortable and won’t give off a flattering look at all. Luckily, there are now diy eyelash extensions available for any eye shape whether you have hooded or almond eye shape, you will be able to choose natural looking lashes.

Nevertheless, make sure you pick false lashes wisely. Usually, it is recommended to use Vegan Eyelashes as they are lightweight, non-irritating, and do not damage the real lashes. They are also easy to apply; thus, you can enjoy a professional lash extension look pretty quickly.

Use Luminous Eyeshadow Shades

Your choice of eyeshadow can have a significant impact on how dazzling and open your eyes appear. In simple terms, light to medium tone shadows, such as pastel colors, light shimmer shades, and light brown shades, will assist your eyes to appear more awake. Make sure to apply a little bit on the inner corner of your eyes or waterline as it makes your eyes look brighter. For this, you can use a shimmery palette instead of a nude or pastel one.

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Keep Thick Eyeliner Lines to a Minimum

If you want to create an eye-opening makeup look, creating ultra-thick eyeliner lines may not be the best option. Instead, use a sharpened pencil eye pencil or a fine-tipped liquid liner to create ultra-thin eyeliner lines to highlight those bright, illuminating eyeshadow tones. You can also experiment with different eyeliner shades to create an illusion of bigger eyes.

Wrapping Up

These are a few quick and easy ways in which you can define your eyes and enhance their beauty. Nevertheless, make sure to relax your eyes while applying makeup and lashes for a seamless yet stunning look.

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