The pandemic is encouraging people to take care of their health. Therefore, if you are too following healthy eating, regularly exercising, and resting schedule, it means you are doing a great job. But, when it’s about your skin, these initiatives are not only enough, especially when you want soft and supple skin or you have skin troubles. Because every skin is different from one another, therefore, skincare regimens also vary.

Even if you are following healthy skincare plans, then it’s time to access, whether these are really doing well or not. So, follow this post and find out 5 secrets to getting soft and supple skin like celebrities.

Beauty Regime 5 Secrets For Soft And Supple Skin

  1. Determine Your Skin Type

The first and foremost step to get soft skin is to determine your skin type. Because, until you will not be able to understand your skin type, even the best quality product will not be worthy. But how to test skin type? This is a major concern. Keep in mind, you have two options – one visit to a dermatologist and ask for skin type testing. You will get a clear picture of it.

Otherwise, conduct a paper testing with a blotting sheet. The second is the easiest way as you need to pat the sheet on different areas of your skin. Then hold the sheet up to the light to know whether your skin is oily or dry. Oil patches on sheets are clear symbols that define your skin type.

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  1. Consult With Dermatologist

If you have major skin troubles like redness or acne, do not use your skin for experiments. Consulting with your doctor is the best decision to save your skin from the harmful effects of chemicals and weather changes. Like Australian people are highly affected by harsh climatic conditions. Therefore skin troubles are very common. Another reason is their sedentary and stressful lifestyle. Therefore, Sydney Skin Care experts always recommend written treatment plans to their patients. It saves their skin from hot summer and extreme winter climatic conditions. So, you should always make a visit to dermatologists and define your problem, before it gets too late.

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  1. Hydrate Your Skin

Moisture is essential for soft and supple skin. Therefore, do not forget to hydrate skin with a minimum of 8 glasses of water. If you are involved in more physical activities, your intake will increase. Another way to hydrate skin is by using good quality skincare moisturizers. If you are not sure about which moisturizer is good for you, do not delay taking assistance from experts for a prescription.

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  1. The Order of skincare products Application

If you are the one who is using a cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer, or sunscreen, regularly, wonderful! But are you using them in the right manner? You must think about this. All the skincare products have a proper procedure to use. Let’s know when and how to use these skincare products;

  • Use a cleanser in the morning and night. If you want to remove makeup, use it twice.
  • Some people do not use toner but use it before applying anything to the face.
  • Serum should be applied before going to bed, as it helps to treat acne and anti-ageing signs.
  • A lightweight moisturizer should be applied at night as you need an additional layer of sunscreen. But at night, apply a thicker layer of moisturizer.
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Bottom Line

Hope the above tips will help you to get soft, silky, and glowing skin. Remember, choose only the right product, hydrate your skin, apply everything in the right sequence. And do not forget to consult your doctor if you find something unusual.

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