Our clothes can strongly represent our personality, but this is often based on the assumption that we have the time, energy, and space to dress how we like. If you end up walking past a mirror and catch sight of someone you do not recognise as yourself, it might be time to sit down and start curating how you would like to look.

This piece will take a look at how you can put together an aesthetic that feels like ‘you’.

Read on to find out how.

How To Curate The Perfect Look For You

What is Your Inspiration?

When you want to find a style that is truly yours, then looking at multiple sources of inspiration can be extremely beneficial to finding your niche. There are no rules about mixing and matching different vibes, so if you love a spooky academic aesthetic and love knitwear, you can work to merge them together to create a look that is just your own. If you are not sure about what you actually like, then sit down and take some time to go on the internet and create a vision board of everything you like. Sites such as Pinterest are particularly useful for this as there is loads of fashion content available, and the software will allow you to pin anything you see to your own fashion board. Taking this step is a really useful organisational tool, as you can start to form an idea that can be difficult when you do not have the images in front of you.

How to be Comfortable and Chic with Fashion
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What Textures Do You Like?

There are so many different textures that clothes have, and they all look and feel different. If you already know that you have a particular favourite, you can start to look for clothes that fit those categories. It is also worth thinking about what textures look good together. For example, faux leather or suede and knitwear offer a contrasting appearance that works really well together. Or, if you like a particularly outlandish look, you could also go for lots of the same texture, such as double denim.

Discovering Your Signature Style – It’s Easier Than You Think!
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Have You thought About Accessories?

Accessories can be one of the easier ways to curate an overall look that helps you feel like yourself. This is because they are the finishing touches that can be moved from outfit to outfit. No matter what clothes you wear, you can always rely on your accessories to help convey your current mood or interests, which can be far easier to do with pieces of jewellery or customised handbags. For those who love a classic and modern look, why not choose some pieces from Chapter 79 to tie everything together!

Finding Your Signature Style
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Do Not Forget Hair and Makeup

Hair and makeup are an important part of any complete outfit, so if you are feeling brave and want a change, why not mix it up with a new style or colour? You could start off slow with a different eye shadow or dive straight into the salon. Get the perfect hairdo that suits your style and preferences with the help of skilled professionals. You can visit https://www.google.com/maps?cid=931887538072640131 to consult professionals. They can also suggest the hottest trending hairstyles to elevate your look. Trust their expertise for a fabulous transformation that leaves you feeling confident and stylish.

Natural & Flawless Make-up
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