Have you been engaged recently and planning to get married this year? Have you decided about all the aspects ranging from invitations to decoration? Or are you thinking of where to start? Don’t worry!

Quintessential Tips to make your Wedding Day Unforgettable

We are here to help you in making your wedding day incredible. Just bask in the glory of love and move on to read what you can do!

  • Guest transportation – It is your wedding day, and many guests will arrive from different corners. Have you ever encountered a situation where the guests faced difficulty in finding the venue of the celebration? If yes, then here is your chance to make your guests feel wanted. Providing them with transportation facilities will add bonus points to your hospitality. For this, renting tour buses can be considered. Your relatives will offer you their heartiest thanks for this facility.
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  • Welcome bags – Your guests will travel from different places. They must have taken out their precious time to attend your big day. So, please give them a warm welcome with welcome bags. This will serve as a token of appreciation for them. Spice up the welcome bag with mini bottles and snacks. Fill it up with a gift certificate from a local coffee shop. What more can you do to make them feel special? Leave a welcome note for them. This will do wonders for you.
  • Find A Wedding Hashtag – Have you found a wedding hashtag yet? In the age of social media, wedding hashtags are becoming an increasingly popular way for couples to share their favourite photos and videos of their big day. They are also a great addition to decor and wedding favours personalizing your wedding!
  • It is time for the unique venue – Have you decided on the venue of your wedding? Do you want the memories of this day to remain etched in your hearts forever? Then choosing the unique venue will make your day. Start looking out for the studios and places for your wedding. Choose a venue that takes away the breath and is mesmerizing to the eyes. So, are you ready to select a venue with a “WoW” factor?
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  • Cool food – It is time for fun and celebration. And undoubtedly these celebrations are incomplete without food. Stand out with your food choices. Moreover, you can request your favourite or unique food options from the chef. Do you like to watch movies? Don’t worry! We will not tell you to show them the movie. You can add a popcorn stand at your event. Your guest will fall in love with the arrangement.
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  • Cocktail – Have you heard a popular quote by famous restaurateur Danny Meyer about cocktails? He said that a cocktail done right shows your guest that you really care about them. So, now the time for fizzing cocktails has arrived! Grab the attention of the people at your event by displaying and serving these drinks in colourful The party has begun. Add charm to it by introducing one or two delicious signature drinks. Have fun with a glass of drink!

Wrapping up

There are plenty of ways that can make your ceremony worthwhile. Using the creative ideas above, you will be able to create an unforgettable day for yourself and the guests. They will remember this day as long as they are alive. Hence steal the thunder with some marvellous arrangement. After all, the day is all yours. And we hope that you have a wonderful journey together!

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