Get Married in a Castle – Feel like a Prince & Princess on Your Wedding Day

Kiran Singh

Are you one of those girls who grew up with the dream of being a princess for a day, on their wedding day? Or, have you dreamt of feeling like a prince on the most special day of your life? If your answer is “Yes”, then let us tell you, your dream can be fulfilled with a beautiful fairytale castle wedding in Ireland. We have partnered with a number of majestic and beautiful castles that suit a wide range of budget and taste. These castles offer private rooms as well as the facilities of 5-star hotels to cater to all your and your guests’ needs.

Get Married in a Castle


Luxury Castle Hire makes sure that the castles provide you with the right blend of quiet cosy corners and large rooms along with more practical things such as enough parking space and bathroom – so that you can enjoy the splendour of the surroundings.

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With gorgeous landscaped grounds and the architectural splendour of the castle itself – the castles featured by Luxury Castle Hire are a perfect place for romance infused with history. And the best part about our service is that we will be there with you every step of the way – to make sure you have the perfect wedding – just as your dream!

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If you want a private island hire in Scotland for your wedding, you can be sure that you would not go wrong with it. However, the country located in the northern part of the UK (United Kingdom) has plenty of castles that can serve the purpose just fine.

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Castle Menzies

This is supposed to be the seat of the clan of Menzies. It has been so for centuries. If you are looking for an authentic and beautiful castle wedding venue in Scotland this is what you are looking at. It was ruined but was restored in 1957. It has a wide range of elegant function spaces. This means that you have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to venues for your wedding reception and ceremony. One of the best among these is the Dewer Room — it is the grandest of them all.

Castle Menzies

Cluny Castle

Cluny Castle is located in the countryside of Aberdeenshire. It is a majestic castle, and therefore, as a wedding venue, it is so enchanting. If you are looking for a secluded place where you can get married this is one location that you can always try. The cultural heritage of history is second to none. This is especially evident in the décor of the castle as well as its architecture. It is the ideal place where you can spend the first night of your life as a married couple.

Cluny Castle

Cornhill Castle

The Cornhill Castle is sumptuous and elegant. If you are looking for a luxurious wedding venue this is one location that you should try. It is decorated beautifully, a lot like a French chateau. There are plenty of good wedding venues in Scotland. However, it is different from a lot of them. It comes with a wedding pavilion and a honeymoon suite that has been built specifically for that purpose. The castle focuses completely on weddings. Therefore, you can be sure than when you choose it your wedding would be in good hands as well.

Cornhill Castle

Cringletie House Hotel

The Cringletic House was built back in 1861. If you are looking for a romantic venue for your wedding, you can be sure that this does not get any better than this. The main house here has 13 bedrooms. You also have a cottage on the grounds. This particular cottage has its outdoor hot tub as well! The main house can make space for as many as 26 people.

Cringletie House Hotel

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