A small bathroom is not the end of the world! You shouldn’t be sad that you don’t have a large space, with a tub and a separate shower and so on. In fact, if you work really hard on designing and decorating your small bathroom, you’ll end up loving it more than any other large one.

However, finding the right colours and styles for a small bathroom can be a bit challenging, especially if you didn’t decorate any other rooms until now. After all, you can’t simply slap your favourite colours in a bathroom and expect them to work!

Colors and Styles for a Small Bathroom

As such, in today’s article, we decided to provide you with some information on the colours and styles that work best for a small bathroom!

Dark Style

If you want a bathroom with a statement, then you should consider dark, glossy tiles for the floor – as they can give the impression of space.

However, you’d also want to brighten up the space a bit, especially if you don’t have that much natural lighting.

As such, you can approach vibrant and even cute wallpapers that fit with dark tiles. Then, the fixtures should be white to balance the colour scheme. Additionally, it is essential to understand that other aspects of the bathroom also play a vital role, along with fixtures and flooring. For instance, in this example, the bathroom cabinets should have a stained wood style to complete the overall look. 

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Themed Bathrooms

The easiest way to find the colours and style for a small bathroom is to focus on a certain theme. For example, if you were to approach a nautical theme, you should consider using light blue or grey tiles and white wallpaper.

The ready-to-assemble cabinets for your bathroom, on the other hand, should come with a style that resembles a ship’s doors and such. Lastly, you could also have a mirror in the shape and style of a submarine’s window!

Colourful Style

However, working around a theme is not always the best for a small bathroom, as things may seem cramped in the end. In this case, you could try playing with the lights and with the colours in it!

For example, you can choose a multicoloured wallpaper but keep the ceiling white. On top of that, you can ditch the ceiling-hung bulb and opt for lighting fixtures on both sides of the mirror, for a gloomy look. The end result is a modern bathroom with a nightclub look.

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Playing with Textures

A traditional vibe, as you may know, will not benefit your small bathroom. Depending on how your bathroom is designed, you could opt for a plethora of textures in it.

For example, you could go for fake wood flooring, subway tiles for the interior of the shower, and marble/granite for the edges of the sink – if possible – while keeping the walls and the ceiling white. The multitude of textures will give your bathroom a spa kind of look if chosen properly.

Peachy Pink and Gold

If you have a bathroom of your own and want to go a bit crazy, so to say, then you could approach colours like peachy pink and gold. The end result will literally blow your mind.

In terms of floor and wall tiles, you can go for a very light pink – close to white. Then, the cabinet should be entirely peachy pink – while the handles should be golden. The countertop and the surrounding areas of the sink could be in textured granite.

Also, to complement the golden cabinet handles, you should opt for a golden mirror frame, golden light fixtures, and a golden tap, obviously.

Even though it seems like a girly style, a small bathroom designed like this comes with a modern, classy look!

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When it comes to styles, some will say that you shouldn’t pick something that’s too crowded, while others claim that a crowded atmosphere will make a small bathroom look better.

However, the truth is that both of the above options work if you know how to set things up and pick the right colours.

For example, crowded bathrooms benefit more from striking colours, such as deep navy blue, hunter green, or charcoal. On the other hand, minimalist bathrooms should be white, pale grey, peachy pink, or even mint.

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Final Thoughts

Overall, small bathrooms don’t come with too many restrictions when compared to large bathrooms. In fact, you can use the same colours and decorations that you’d use in a large bathroom – but the key is to rearrange them in such a way that would benefit a small space.

In short, colours that give the impression of space are ideal for those that want to make their small bathroom look bigger. On the other hand, there are people who enjoy a cramped space, a case in which darker colours are a must!

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