Saying “I do” and tying the knot to the one you love should be a memory that you will forever cherish. Once you’ve set a date for your wedding, planning and preparing for the big day can be overwhelming. With so many factors to take into consideration, you might be stuck for where to start. Here is the ultimate guide to help you throw a wedding that you and your guests will love.

The Ultimate Guide to Planning an Epic Wedding


Create a Checklist

If your wedding day is on the horizon, or you have plenty of time to spare, getting organised and prepared as early as possible is important. Once you set the date, the countdown begins, so getting everything together in advance can help reduce stress levels and ensure your wedding day goes off without a hitch. To do this effectively, creating a checklist from the beginning will make sure that you don’t leave any important aspects out. There are lots of great wedding apps that you can download on your smartphone to keep you in control.

Hire A Professional Photographer
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Attend a Wedding Show

As a ‘soon to be bride’, getting as much inspiration as you can before your big day is crucial. Finding the perfect dress can be a daunting prospect, so to make things easier, why not attend a wedding show? There are lots of events that you can attend that can bring out your creative side and fill you with unique wedding ideas. It’s also a great opportunity to celebrate your engagement with your loved ones. Complete with a glass of bubbly and catwalk shows to feast your eyes on, make sure to book your tickets in advance to avoid disappointment.

Set Your Budget

While many of us dream about having a fairytale wedding, the last thing you should do is create a champagne lifestyle on a beer bottle budget. Even if you don’t have tons of money to splash out on your wedding, that’s not to say you won’t have a good time. Creating a wedding budget from the get-go will help you stay in control of your finances and avoid getting yourself into tons of debt. As long as your nearest and dearest are by your side, your special day will be one to remember.

Find the Perfect Venue

The sooner you get your venue booked, the easier everything else will be to sort out. Not only will you need a venue for the ceremony, but you will also need to find a venue for your reception, wedding breakfast, as well as entertainment. There are numerous things to take into account, such as seating capacity, catering options, room hire costs, and indoor and outdoor settings to get the perfect photographs.

Choose Entertainment

If you want to go all out and dance the night away, hiring a live band can be a great addition to your wedding reception. There are live bands for hire in Melbourne, Australia such as Party Shirt Music who have many years of experience in the wedding entertainment industry. To wow guests from the moment they walk into your reception, having the best entertainment on offer will be a great start.

Your big day should be one filled with love, happiness, and joy. To make sure everything runs swimmingly, be sure to use this guide to help you on your journey to create a wedding you will never forget.

How to Achieve the Wedding of Your Dreams
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