The market for infused edibles is gaining immense popularity, especially since the legalization of marijuana and its derivatives.

New discoveries are being made every day, backing the science behind how these compounds affect our bodies.

If you consider consuming (or are already consuming) infused edibles, you already know the effects.

But did you know there are foods and beverages in your kitchen that you can pair with your edibles to enhance the effects?

Well, if your answer is NO, keep reading and fill in yourself with the knowledge.

5 Regular Foods & Beverages to Pair With Infused Edibles


Particularly beneficial for recreational purposes, Mango is the perfect food to enhance your experience. The fruit is high in myrcene terpenes– the compounds known for pairing with cannabinoids and causing increasing potency.

The terpenes in mango bind with THC receptors in the brain. As a result, the high from it comes faster and lasts longer.

You can even prepare some exotic dishes using infused edibles like muffins topped with freshly cut mangoes.

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There is probably nothing better than chocolate to pair with both CBD and THC edibles.

Chocolates contain chemicals that are beneficial in uplifting the mood. And notably, the same compounds are also found in cannabis.

Apparently, pairing chocolates with infused edibles helps activate the mood receptors in the brain. In fact, you can even find chocolate bars from an edibles shop online. You can also think of replacing your regular chocolates with the infused ones too.

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Coconut Oil

To your surprise, coconut oil is often used as a carrier in infused products. And, there is a pretty good reason for it – it helps create highly potent extracts.

Coconut oil contains saturated fats, which are excellent solvents for cannabinoids.

As a result, pairing it with infused edibles, you can expect more of the good stuff to reach your bloodstream. And, therefore, give you an enhanced experience consuming your weed edibles.

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Whether green or black tea, the beverage has a reputation for soothing and relaxing effects. And, this is precisely the kind of effect that most consumers expect from their infused products.

The beverage is rich in antioxidants, particularly catechin, which is also responsible for many of the health benefits it has to offer. Not to miss, the antioxidant also binds with cannabinoid receptors in the brain.

So, the next time you try any of your favourite gummies, cookies, or muffins, try it with a fresh brew of green or black tea. You can even find some herbal tea for you to further enhance your experience.

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Well, who would have thought something like broccoli could also help enhance the experience from cannabis edibles. But, indeed, it does.

Broccoli contains beta-caryophyllene, a compound that works with cannabinoids that help reduce inflammation and physical pain.

It is noteworthy that broccoli works best with strains and edibles that are meant for medical purposes.

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The Bottomline

There are plenty of food items in your kitchen that you can use along with your infused edibles. Perhaps, you can take your experience and health a notch higher by replacing your regular foods with the edibles available in the market.

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