There is so much to think about when looking to throw a memorable dinner party. The range of thoughts goes from creating the perfect ambience to curating a menu that will leave your guests longing for more. However, with a few pointers here and there, you can know how to throw a dinner party that will be the talk of the town. Here is how to throw a dinner party at your home:

How to Throw a Dinner Party at Home

Have a guestlist

Come up with a list of the friends and family you would love to have at the party. Be careful that you do not create a list that is too extensive. You want all the attendees to fit in your home comfortably. Prioritize having a meaningful and intimate dinner consisting of close friends and family.

A smaller gathering will take a significant amount of pressure off the preparations. A smaller group of friends and family will be more graceful when things do not go to plan (like when you burn the entrée). Your guest list should consist of people that know each other to avoid awkward moments. It is best to design & print or buy your party flyer and then send your invites out well ahead of time. Sending the invites in advance gives your guest a chance to mark their calendars and clear their schedules. Consider sending physical personalized dinner invites in the mail to make the occasion feel more special.

Try to set a date that works for everyone you want at the dinner. It is best to host your dinner on Fridays or Saturdays when there is a weekend ahead to deal with busy work schedules. That way, you can all enjoy yourselves without the bummer of having work the next day. Ask the guests about any dietary restrictions when they confirm attendance to make sure everyone feels accommodated.

Decide which food to prepare

What better place to show off your culinary skills than at a dinner party in your home? Search online for simple recipes that you can fix quickly. Go for satisfying and visually appealing options like charcuterie boards, salad bars, and vegetable platters. If you are trying a new recipe, go for one that calls for a few ingredients and steps. That will make things much easier and more affordable to prepare. That said, the best option would be cooking meals that you have tried before. A tried and tested menu will eliminate unwanted surprises on dinner day.

Get dessert ready a few days prior if you need to have it. Some of the best dessert options are vanilla ice creams and cake. Be sure to time the cooking to avoid spending lots of time in the kitchen instead of entertaining your guests.

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Have drinks in plenty

Your guests will need something to sip on during dinner. There is no pressure to have an open bar. Find universal drinks and beverages that all the attendees will enjoy. Make sure you know if any guests are not of legal age for drinking, and perhaps have some tasty alternatives to hand. Most young guests will know where to get a fake id like those on the videos here, so it may be tricky to check ages. Though of course, in most states, it is fine for someone under 21 to have a drink in a private residence if parents or guardians are present, so all should be fine. Find the best drinks to pair with the foods you plan to serve. If you want to go the liquor route, the safest option is wine. You could partner with a company that specializes in wine delivery UK to wow your guests. Alternatively, you could consider making cocktails or sangria. If you are worried that your guests may have different liquor preferences, you could ask them to bring with them their favourite bottles of bubbly. That way, you know that they will come with something they like. That, in turn, will make things easier for everyone.

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Have a nice décor

Set the ambience to elevate the dinner party. With the right spruces and decorations, everything else will fall into place. Get some fresh flowers to decorate the dinner table. You could even use faux flowers that are inexpensive but do the job just fine. Some scented candles and fairy lights can also make people relax, setting the mood for a good time.

Make personalized place cards for all your guests to add a touch of sophistication to your dinner party. You could even have labels for the dishes, especially if they are unique. Use your best plates and cups to make the occasion even more special. You can always find affordable but beautiful crockery at the local flea market ahead of dinner or choose to invest in a set of plates and cups that will encourage you to throw dinner parties more often.

Visit the fabric store and buy pieces that you can use to create napkins, table mats, a table runner, and tablecloths. A décor trick is to spray paint empty wine and beer bottles in a specific colour theme and use them as decorative pieces. Something that you cannot forget is background music. Your laptop or some small speakers will come to the rescue effectively. Just make sure that you have a fire playlist. Thankfully, Spotify and YouTube playlists can come through for you, and you will not need a DJ.

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Include some games

Games will make any dinner worth remembering. You are never too old to play games. Search for some of the best games to play at dinner parties to fill any awkward silences. Games are the perfect ice breakers if the people at the dinner do not know each other that well. After a few games, they will let their guard down, making it easier to enjoy the dinner and each other’s company.

To make sure that you make the most of every second of it, finish all the cooking before the guests arrive so that you can join in the games as well. The best way to make that happen is by having a simple menu that will not have you labouring away in the kitchen. Pick dishes that you can prepare ahead of time so that you’re with your guests for the most part.

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Final thoughts

The point of throwing dinners is to spend time with the people we care about and love. Try to remember that when things fail to go as planned. There is no need to be nervous or anxious when a recipe fails you. Or the tablespace does not meet your expected standards.

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