Breakfast is the foundation of our day, and subtly breakfast reflects our culture. It looks, tastes and feels different depending on which part of the world you belong to. While an American will have bacon with a sunny-side-up for their breakfast, an Indian will enjoy their aloo paratha with extra butter on it. In each part of the world, you will find different combinations of platters and a variety of breakfast options.

Every country has different and interesting taste palettes which are interpreted very well in the best meal of the day which is the breakfast. Here are some delicious and mind-boggling breakfast options that are enjoyed around the world and each of them showcases their cultural uniqueness beautifully.  IRAN

Iranians believe that breakfast is supposed to be consumed like a king and hence a light breakfast does no good for them. A typical Iranian breakfast will have naan bread with butter and jam along with Halim, in this recipe, they mix wheat, butter, sugar and cinnamon and cook with shredded meat in enormous pots. Sometimes, they also add an Iranian version of an omelette to go along with the breakfast.

Delicious Breakfast Dishes From Different Cuisines That You Should Try Once


A Moroccan breakfast is simple and has fatty sausages, loads of potatoes and pancakes topped with peanut butter, or Amlou. Amlou is a chunky paste made with almonds, argan oil and honey or sugar. There are add-ons like Moroccan bread like baguettes or khobz with olive oil, Moroccan mortadella, and eggs or omelette sometimes. They also prefer beverages like mint tea, coffee or some sort of fresh juice to go along with their meal.


India is an enormous country with a variety of traditions and cultures and a typical breakfast in India also varies depending on the region. A breakfast plate in India includes roti (flatbread), dosa which are thin crepes made of lentils or idlis which are steamed rice-dough pancakes and spiced potatoes. They enhance their breakfast by adding different chutneys and dips made from coconuts and mint.


The breakfast plate of France looks as classy as their language. A piece of baguette topped with butter and jam along with breakfast pastries like croissants is a common breakfast in France. They also have varieties like Croque madame, which is a ham sandwich topped with an egg on top, French toast, and French scrambled egg, which they enjoy with a good cup of coffee or a cup of French hot chocolate.


A typical breakfast in Switzerland includes bread, butter or margarine or honey, along with some cheese or cereal blend of oat flakes, nuts and raisins, plus milk or hot chocolate. They also enjoy dried fruits with yoghurt for their breakfast.

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Mexican cooking is one of the most vibrant and flavorful cuisines. Mexico, being a culturally rich country, their breakfast is also region-oriented. But a traditional breakfast plate in Mexico will have ingredients like corn tortillas, beans, sauces, and eggs assembled in different ways. They have dishes like Mexican breakfast casserole, chilaquiles, and Papas con Chorizo, which are a beautiful blend of tortilla, eggs, cheese, potatoes, beans, and green or red salsa.


A Japanese breakfast is often a combination of savoury and simple and is an important meal of the day. They prefer eating a bowl of miso soup with rice, or rice porridge. These are the main part of the meal which are accompanied by a piece of cooked fish and some pickled vegetables along with a cup of green tea.


Breakfast options in China highly differ from region to region, but people in China prefer soybean milk and deep-fried dough sticks, steamed buns, tofu pudding, wheat noodles, or rice noodles for breakfast. Rice porridge and congee are considered comfort food in China and are also region-oriented breakfast items. They either enjoy porridge as it is or top it with ground meat or some seafood to add flavour to it.


A traditional Korean breakfast comprises rice, soup, meat, and a full line-up of side dishes like spicy seafood salad, grilled short ribs, bean sprout rice, spicy stewed fish. Seasoned kelp, cold cucumber soup, and radish strip kimchi, spinach or spicy cucumbers. Korea is known for the rich and variety of food it offers.

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In Brazil, breakfast is not the most important meal of the day and hence they enjoy a light breakfast. Their breakfast typically comprises morning coffee. Coffee is extremely important in Brazilian breakfast and along with that, they enjoy round-shaped cheese buns and some fresh fruit or berries, such as the exotic acai. Skillet toasted French bread rolls are also one of the favourite quick breakfasts in Brazil.


In Burma, the most popular breakfast is Mohinga. These are served with boiled egg, crispy fried bean fritters, onions, the sliced tender core of banana steam accompanied with lime juice, fish sauce, dry chilly powder, coriander or beans. They also have options like fried fish cake, boiled egg and fitters that they go for in breakfast.


Usually, Swedish breakfast is all about open sandwiches on crispy bread topped with butter, hard cheese, cold cuts, caviar, ham and tomatoes or cucumbers. They serve this with yoghurt along with a bowl of cereals such as cornflakes, muesli or porridge. Common drinks that go to their breakfast are milk, juice, tea or coffee. Sweden is one of the most avid coffee and milk drinkers in the world.


Breakfast, being the first meal, holds its significance and expecting a gourmet breakfast every day isn’t a realistic goal. Breakfast should have a healthy balance of everything and should be sugar-free so that you don’t face a sugar rush and end up being hungry and sad within half an hour.

If you enjoy having breakfast, then choose nutritious food which will provide you with long-lasting energy. Add a combination of fibre, protein, healthy fats and micronutrients to it and avoid unhealthy options like refined sugar, carbs, and additives. No matter which part of the world you belong to and what cuisine you are having for your breakfast, make sure that every bite of your breakfast is enjoyable and worth eating.

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