Is a masquerade ball just around the corner? What could be more fun! But if it’s your first time being invited to a masquerade party, we understand that you may be anxious about how to prepare and what to wear.

Whether it’s a Halloween night or a Mardi Gras festival, a masquerade party is a time of extreme excitement and glamour. It can be quite tricky to figure out the right outfit that would be appropriate or what to take along.

Not to worry; we’re one step ahead! We’ve compiled some helpful tips and suggestions to help you prepare for that glamorous night.

But before going into that, let’s get you up to speed on what masquerade balls entail.

How to prepare for a masquerade party

A brief history

Masquerade parties or balls are occasions where attendees are encouraged to wear masks. The essence of the party is for guests to stay unidentifiable, elevating charm and allure.

The history of masquerade parties can be traced to the 15th century and is specially hosted for upper-class families. With a glamourous party flyer and the masks on, attendees usually would indulge in a game of identifying one another, which added to the excitement. And just as it is today, attendees are free to wear any kind of mask, with some representing fictitious characters.

Now you’re up to speed, let’s get you prepared for the big night.

How to dress up for a masquerade ball

1.           Figure out the outfit

What to wear is the most common question people ask when going to masquerade parties. Well, it shouldn’t be so complicated. That’s because there’s often a dress code prescribed.

The standard for these parties is formal evening wear. This implies that you could wear any of your cocktail dresses, a long gown (if you’re a woman), or a tuxedo with a bow tie for men.

This may sound pretty simple, and yes, it is! But it’s elegant, and the mask will bring out the whole picture to life. If you’re going with your partner, one way to go is for the man’s tie to match the woman’s dress.

You can also tweak the dress code to suit your preferences. Whether you’re going for something low-key or super-flashy to make a statement, you most likely wouldn’t be looking out of place.

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2.           Put your mask on

It’s a masquerade party, so this is a must-have. But what kind of mask should you go for?

There are so many options, and you could use a mask from your Halloween costume. Now is the time to consider how detailed you want to be. Of course, you could stay low-key with a simple mask solely to hide your identity.

But if you want to up your masquerade game and grab attention with something different, a Mardi Gras jester mask never disappoints. The bright colours can incredibly light up your outfit, even though you’re going with modest wear. You could also order the same mask design for you and your friends or partner tagging along. The uniformity offers a whole new experience as you’ll draw a lot of attention.

3.           Make accessories simple yet stylish

While putting on a formal cocktail gown may be stunning in itself, adding some extra flair with some matching jewellery will enhance the overall appeal. It could be a vintage bracelet and necklace that go with the mask.

As a woman, having a matching black handbag to fit in your essentials will never be inappropriate, even for a masquerade ball. Opt for comfortable heels since you will be standing and possibly dancing for most of the night.

Men do well with corporate shoes and nice wristwatches. Of course, you can make it a usual black-tie formal party with masks on.

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4.           Don’t forget the makeup

You would be wearing a mask to a masquerade party, but that doesn’t mean you should go without giving yourself some facial work done.

Apply some makeup, even though it’s just light. You most definitely will have to take off the mask at some point, so you want to look as beautiful as possible when you do so.

However, ensure long-wear makeup is well set with some setting spray to protect it against smudging when you put on the mask. You want to have a great time without worrying whether your makeup is in a mess.

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Extra tips to help you during your selection

●       Start simple

Consider a masquerade party as a formal black-tie event. If you’ve ever been to one, then preparing for the masquerade ball shouldn’t get you very nervous since you’ll know what to wear.

You can keep your outfit low-key while being traditional. However, nothing’s set in stone, so you may choose to play with some Halloween or Mardi Gras costume ideas if you want to add some fun.

●       Prioritize comfort

Never neglect comfort, no matter how extravagant you want your masquerade outfit to be. You will spend some hours in that dress, shoe, and mask, and it becomes important they’re as comfy as possible to avoid checking your time every minute, wishing to go home. This can ruin the entire experience you were supposed to enjoy all evening.

Your mask should be well-fitted and easy to carry. You don’t need it to cover your face fully, just from your nose upwards, and it shouldn’t be too tight.

●      You may go with a hand-held mask

If you’re worried about your makeup getting smudged, you could use a mask held on a stick. It’s also elegant. However, this can be quite a hassle as one hand will be occupied at all times or risk getting identified immediately. This may ruin the fun and essence of the mask.

Again, a setting spray of high quality is the best thing to aim for. If you’re a no-makeup person, you wouldn’t have any issues with this.

Just have fun

Although it’s a masquerade party, it’s not a requirement to keep your identity entirely hidden, so you mustn’t try too hard. Besides, you’ll get to meet with your acquaintances and laugh with them. It’s a party, so just dress comfortably, be free and give yourself into the moment to have the best of it.

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