Reconstructive procedures are one way to go to boost your confidence and self-esteem. Of course, how you look affects not only how people perceive you but also how you see yourself.

From facials and neck surgery to nose jobs and breast augmentation, plastic surgery has become a mainstay practice for giving women the ravishing looks they desire.

Perhaps you’ve had your mind on plastic for a while and don’t know whether to go or not. Here are some questions to give you clarity.

Considering Cosmetic Surgery 5 Questions to Ask Yourself First

1. Why are you going for surgery?

Before going under the knife, ask yourself, “Why do I need this plastic surgery?” If it’s to correct a malformed body part, such as a poorly-formed nose, or to give you your desired breasts or buttock size, that’s fine. Such corrections can help you appreciate your body more and make clothes more fitting. But if it’s just to feel better because you generally have low self-esteem, surgery might not really help.

Here’s the difference. Correcting a specific body part that alters your looks or comfort — such as a poorly formed nose or oversized breasts — is reasonable. But when your low self-esteem isn’t associated with any specific body part, then you may not know what to correct, and the procedure may become a hit and miss.

If your aim is to impress a certain man you’re currently dating, then this may not be the right path. It’s best to do plastic surgery when it’s something you’ve been thinking about for a while and actually want for yourself, not because of someone else.

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2. What do you expect?

Cosmetic surgery typically works to make you a better version of yourself, not change you into someone/something else. Doctors work with what you have, enhancing your body parts, not creating new ones. So it wouldn’t be helpful to look at before and after photos of your favourite models, expecting to become like them. Everybody is different.

That’s why some doctors may show you digital models of what you could look like after the procedure. If you like what you see, then go for it.

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3. How safe is it?

Plastic surgery is only as safe as the surgeon performing the procedure. Hence, you must choose one that is reputable and knows their onions. Plastic surgery by Dr. Broc Pratt is marked by immense success and satisfied clients, and chances are you’ll leave the clinic happily with impressive results.

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4. Are you still growing?

It isn’t recommended to have reconstructive surgery done on a body part that’s still growing. For example, your height, weight, and breast size should be virtually constant for at least a year before having breast augmentation.

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5. Have you tried other easier, more conventional means?

If you’re considering plastic surgery to enhance your figure, have you tried all other options like working out and changing your diet?

If you’ve done these, but they didn’t work, you barely have time for the gym, or you aim to correct a body part that exercises or nutrition cannot target (such as the nose and facials), then cosmetic surgery may be the best solution.

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Bottom Line

Plastic surgery has gone mainstream, perhaps because of the number of celebrities going public. But it shouldn’t be something you do because everyone is; do it because it’s what you want — what you believe will make you a better version of yourself.

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