The occasion of Homecoming is a really special time. It is a passage that everyone goes through and it gives a feeling of passing from adolescence to a new sense of adulthood. As you come back to your college and community, you get to meet your old gang and friends. With everyone at different places doing their things, this is an excellent way of catching up with everyone before they embark on their journeys in life.

As this big meet happens after an entire year, it calls for a party for everyone to get together to have a gala time. If this thought has been lingering on your mind making you think to throw a party for your loved ones, then this article would prove worthy of your read. Keep reading to know what all things you need to make your party the most happening celebration ever.

Prepping up for the Perfect Homecoming Celebration

Beginning With The Guest List

First things first, your whole planning depends upon the number of people you would be inviting over to attend your party. It is the basis for arranging the seating, the party props, and the catering. Since this is the time to meet everybody, you must be thinking to call the people who have been your classmates and teammates in different games and sports. Apart from calling them, you should also invite others who have been significant in your life in some way or the other. The more the merrier, but it is advisable to keep it to only friends and their friends to avoid having a house full of random strangers and any untoward incidents afterwards as a result.

Select The Theme

Every good party is always incomplete without a theme and that is reason enough why you should be having one. We understand if you have been going over them for quite some time and have been feeling already overwhelmed. You can select from casual styles like a beach, big city, or glow theme. If that is not your style, then maybe you can feel inspired by something specific like Mardi Gras, Sin City, Hollywood, vintage, or any upcoming festival. Going carefully over this aspect of your celebrations will give you ample time to go over the props, customized clothing, or any other memorabilia which will help you to make this time something to always cherish for your entire lifetime.

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The Music

Having great music is what makes a party come alive. This is the reason why your party playlist should have upbeat and peppy music to get the celebrations rolling. Like others, you may also feel pretty bored out listening to the same top hits in your collection. So, if you feel like jazzing things up a bit, you can take it a notch up. You can get your very own DJ Mixtape download, which lets you have a distinctive music library, having a complete DJ-like feel in the house with a whole pool of great music. This will ensure that your guests keep raving about the great jam for the longest time.

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Planning The Food

These parties are all about dancing and having fun. Although the emphasis is more on the booze (no kidding there!), still it would be nice to have no elaborate courses but a selection of good appetizers and munchies. Thinking of food options as many items fall in the bite-sized and easy-to-eat category like chicken nuggets, jalapeno poppers, cheese sticks, sushi, etc. to only name a few. Also, you can minimize the popular conventionals like burger pizzas into their mini versions for added convenience. For soft drinks, having a small array of bottled or on-spot concoctions like mojitos or other cocktails might do it perfectly.

Deciding On Entertainment

After everyone has danced their whole energy away, still it does not mean that the celebrations and cheer need to be wrapped up. Some old conventionals are sweet, being a reminder of nostalgia, and Homecoming party games are one of them. They have remained a favourite of people for years as they are amazing to play with others. You can plan a dance contest or can plan something as old school as a karaoke jam or a high-level Pictionary contest. For technological geeks, you can also select the games that can be played on specialized consoles. This guarantees to bring a lot of excitement and happiness, reminiscing the old days.

One Last Thing To Remember

We understand that it is your party and you may feel too caught up to take notice of everything, still, it is important to keep an eye out for the mischievous elements so that nothing goes out of hand. Also, as much as you may feel to get high and drunk, we advise you not to go that far if you want to stay in a controlling position and remember the party yourself. Though it is very easy to get carried away being in the middle of things, later on, when sober, you may not want to find yourself in any embarrassing situations having to answer anything regretful. It is a merry time and being in yourself also gives you the chance to greet and meet people properly, even those who you may not directly know. Not only is it good etiquette but is also something that will hone you to be a graceful host or hostess in the future.


Planning and organizing a party can take a lot of effort and a lot of thought goes into the process. And when it is about something as special as a homecoming, then it is very natural to feel more anxious about getting everything right about it. Even though you may want to stay on top of everything, it is still very important to enjoy yourself wholeheartedly. Get talking with everyone and be involved, after all, it is your party as well. When the celebrations are over and everyone has left for home, you will smile smugly thinking about all the fun that happened. Just not that, you may even find secretly patting yourself for having thrown the best homecoming party your friends may have ever seen!

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