In our current world, having perky breasts is the new sexy. Therefore, having perky breasts is a major priority for most women of different ages. However, breast firmness reduces with age, weight fluctuations, and pregnancy.

Many women often find out that their breasts become loose and saggy with time. This, however, doesn’t mean that you can’t have the perky breasts that you dream of.

Below are some ways you can make your breast perky.

How To Improve Your Breast Appearance Perky breast

●     Breast surgery

Breast surgery is one way to get your breast perky again. Some people usually use breast lifts or breast implants. This is a popular and safe method of getting shapely, fuller, and perkier breasts.

For instance, when you visit a breast revision specialist, Dr. Garrett Wirth, the professional would take you through a procedure designed to reverse gravity effects on your breasts and help restore their youthfulness. In addition, combining breast augmentation with lifting can give you the fullness and perkiness you desire.

When you decide to perform a breast revision, you should know that breast implants, though they can increase breast fullness, are not capable of stopping breast sagging. Therefore, implants alone would not cure the issue if you already have noticeable sagging.

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●     Maintain weight

Being overweight (or gaining weight and then losing and gaining significant weight) usually causes breasts to sag. When you gain a lot of weight, your breasts grow heavy and stretch.

When you then decide to drop your weight, you will have excess skin, which might cause your breasts to be droopy. Maintaining a healthy weight ensures that your breasts are prevented from sagging.

If you have a high-fat ratio compared to breast tissues, your breast might likely sag. The more breast tissue your breasts have, the less likely they would sag.


●     Swimming

Swimming regularly, especially performing breaststroke, is an excellent way to strengthen your muscles and keep your breasts perky. Ensure that you stretch before and after swimming. Swimming helps with overall fitness, thereby improving your appearance.

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●     Wear fitting bra

How well your bra fits your breast is vital in keeping your breast perky. Therefore, you should be conscious of choosing your bra. Ensure that you choose bras that are fitting.

Visit a lingerie store or a department store and let them measure you so that you can know your size. Some women usually wear incorrect bra sizes, which could lead to pain. Underwire bras, as compared with soft cup bras, can give your breasts the extra support they need.

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●     Maintain good postures

Maintaining good posture is capable of making your breasts firmer and perkier. Therefore, you should keep your back straight and reduce slouching. Additionally, hunching can make your breast look heavier and droopier.

You can make use of your mirror to check your posture. When you practice having a good posture every day, you will soon be able to maintain a good posture naturally.

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Final Thoughts

No woman can escape breast sagging. Breasts have weight, the earth has gravity, and tissue and skin would break down over time. However, if you are determined to keep your breasts perky, the above methods would be helpful for you.

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