A swimming pool adds luxury to your lifestyle, but its maintenance is an ongoing financial commitment. Apart from ensuring aesthetics for your outdoor space, it is also important for keeping the water healthy and germ-free. But pool maintenance need not be an overwhelming financial burden for a homeowner. There is a lot you can do to keep it sparkling clean and healthy without spending a fortune. Here are some simple measures that can help you keep a check on the pool expenses all year long.

A Homeowner’s Guide To Keeping Your Swimming Pool Budget-Friendly

Conserve water 

Even before you think about maintenance, conserving water should be your top priority. You would not want water loss to happen because it can elevate the bills and isn’t great from the eco-friendliness perspective. Water loss may happen because of diverse reasons, from normal evaporation to leaks, excessive backwashing and lack of winter care. It makes sense to take the proper and adequate steps for water conservation. Ensure that the water level is not higher than necessary and get the leaks fixed at the earliest. Consider investing in a cover and windscreen to reduce evaporation. Avoid backwash more often or longer than needed. 

Maintain pool chemistry

The most crucial aspect of keeping your home swimming pool safe and healthy so that you can enjoy your backyard living is its chemistry. Failure to maintain the water chemistry consistently could cause it to turn cloudy or green. It isn’t something you would want to happen because you will have to spend a lot on cleaning the pool again. However, this is not something you should compromise with because contaminated water can bring health hazards to your family. Availing professional Pool Chemical Service for periodic chemical maintenance will have you covered. It is better to invest in regular maintenance by professionals rather than doing DIY or spending a lot when the pool gets dirty due to a lack of care.

Invest in a solar cover

A solar cover is the best investment you can make for your home swimming pool. Apart from preventing water loss by evaporation, it can cut down energy costs by maintaining heat. A solar cover attracts heat from the sun during the day and keeps it from escaping the pool when drawn up at night. Even if you have a pool heater, installing a solar cover along with it can go a long way in reducing energy costs. You can turn the heater so that it heats the water to the desired temperature, shut it off and then cover the pool with the solar cover. The heat will last longer and you will have to run it continuously. 

When it comes to maintaining a home swimming pool, a proactive and preventive approach matters the most. While you need to ensure cleanliness in the routine, regular inspections by professionals would keep you one step ahead of leaks and maintenance requirements. Quick action can save you a lot of trouble and money in the long run. Moreover, you and your family can enjoy the luxury of an outdoor pool without worrying about health hazards.

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