There are so many benefits to meditation. Even those of us who would never think of ourselves as being particularly spiritual can find peace and focus from the simple act of meditating. Even taking a few minutes a day to meditate can help you clear your mind, find peace, re-energise, and soothe tension and anxiety. 

In many ways, meditation is the very opposite of all of our other tasks. Generally, in life, we’re always doing. We eat, we sleep, and we work. We exercise, we socialise, and we watch TV. We spend most of our time doing. When we meditate, our core focus is not to do. It is merely to be. Spending time in this kind of stillness, using Japa Mala Beads to summon our soul, focus on our breath, and our very being can make the rest of our days run more smoothly.

But, in a crowded home that’s designed with all of that doing in mind, it can be hard to meditate for any period of time. If you have space, creating a spiritual meditation room can be the ideal solution. 

How‌ ‌to‌ ‌Create‌ ‌a‌ ‌Spiritual‌ ‌Meditation‌ ‌Room‌ ‌in‌ ‌Your‌ ‌Home‌

Find a Space

The first thing that you need to do is to find a space at home. Ask yourself if you will be using this space to find peace and tranquillity alone or if you will be inviting others to meditate with you, as this will determine how much space you need. Ideally, you want a whole room. But, if this isn’t possible, dividing a section of another room, as long as it’s quiet, can work well. You can use a screen to block off any distractions from the rest of the room.

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You don’t need anything to meditate, but sometimes, having accessories like mala beads to hand can help. These aids from sites like omshivoham feature crystals that help to soothe, energise, and heal, and in turn help you to connect to your inner energy and create a balance between the physical and soulful. 

You may want to include other accessories such as candles, buddhas, flowers, cushions, and rugs. But, try to keep things minimal, only adding accessories that support and aid calmness. Many people also like to practice yoga in their mediation space, as the two can complement each other well, so a yoga mat might be a welcome addition. 

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Stick to Soothing Colours

It’s okay to add colour to your meditation space. But, avoid anything too bold, patterns, colours that clash, or very bright shades. Keep the walls neutral and make sure any soft furnishings are in muted tones that aid relaxation. With every addition to your meditation space, make calmness and peace your priority. Don’t add anything too stimulating. 

Not everyone finds meditation easy. We’ve always got so much to do and so much to think about doing. The idea of simply being can seem like a waste of time. Many of us find it hard to clear our minds, or even just to sit and be still. Having a dedicated room free from distraction can make it much easier, allowing you to reap the rewards of daily meditation.

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