Being an Award Winning Interior Designer, I know the importance of how our environment can have a huge impact on our ability to fully relax and unwind. But with a few small and inexpensive tweaks, you can make your restful space as serene as possible – here’s how:


The first thing to look around and see if anything feels out of space. Is there a piece of furniture that seems like it’s in the wrong position? Try moving it and then take another look at the room.  Sometimes, it’s the new position that feels pleasing to you and sometimes it’s the space you’ve created.

Create Restful Space - Assess Your Space


You release stress and regain clarity when you get rid of items that no longer serve or inspire you. Start small – choose one drawer rather than a large area. Often you’ll feel the impetus to tackle more. I de-clutter literally every month – over the years I have accumulated things that I’ve just kept as they were memories, but they didn’t particularly bring me any joy anymore.

Create Restful Space - De-clutter


Looking at green is soothing for your brain, so add plants to the places you want to relax. Potted herbs are lovely in the kitchen and flowering plants outside are uplifting.

Create Restful Space - Going Green


Ensure the texture of the fabrics on your chairs, and cushions feel nice to the touch. Rough fabric can hinder your ability to relax fully.

Create Restful Space - Velvet Sofa

Most importantly; Don’t feel guilty about relaxing. It’s OK to just sit in a comfortable chair and unwind whenever your mind, body and souls feel like it.

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