Stress is something we all experience from time to time, both at home and in the workplace, and can sometimes leave us feeling in need of an escape. However, there’s no need to book a holiday just yet, as we’ve got the perfect, green solution to tackle those blues that’s much cheaper than a world ticket: Houseplants.

Award-winning British author and consultant specialising in meditation and wellness, Emma Mills is passionate about the link between well-being and nature. Emma advocates the stress-relieving effects of houseplants and how creating your very own green sanctuary can help to create a sense of calm and positively boost your mood. “By bringing the outside in and enriching our indoor spaces with houseplants, this reminds us of a natural simple way of living. A pace of life that is slower yet still incredibly intelligent, beautiful and efficient.”

Existing research also supports this, with a previous study revealing a 37% reduction in tension and anxiety when houseplants were introduced into the workplace, as well as promoting well-being and performance. Through her own experience, Emma believes that simply adding a splash of green to your kitchen counter or office desk can considerably help to reduce stress. “I believe that small steps each day can make a big difference to your well-being and being close to nature has significant and wide-ranging health benefits. I have quite a lot of houseplants living with me at home at the moment, around 30. I have loved keeping houseplants over the years and have found they bring a sense of calm, optimism, purpose and mindfulness.”


Inspired by Emma’s philosophy, has created a list of five must-have houseplants to integrate into your life, whether that’s at home or at work, to create a space of zen.


With large, bold leaves, an eye-catching Monstera certainly makes a statement in our homes. With a bold injection of green amongst the plainest of interiors, this houseplant can help to balance energies in your space and even boost your mood – a necessity in rooms with little natural light and poor ventilation. Place in bright, indirect light and water moderately to watch your Monstera thrive and to feel the joy it can bring you.

Devil’s Ivy (Scindapsus)

Devil’s Ivy is not only renowned for bringing luck and good fortune to its owner but also a sense of peace thanks to its flowing, satiny, heart-shaped leaves, making it a perfect addition to your home or office. To give this houseplant the love it deserves places it away from direct sunlight or draughts and keep it happy by misting it with water spray. Their beautifully patterned and variegated foliage inspires our creativity, keeping us in awe of nature.

Asparagus Fern

The delicate, green feathers of an Asparagus Fern make this houseplant a soft and elegant choice. With its light and airy demeanour, an Asparagus Fern brings a sense of calm to the busiest of days, proving a soothing and cosy addition to any space. Notoriously strong and easy to care for, this houseplant prefers a spot with plenty of daylight but out of direct sunlight and for extra green lushness, treat it to houseplant food each week from May to September.


Dracaena. An indoor classic with a flamboyant streak. The distinct beauty and character of this houseplant will add an exotic touch to any room, helping to take our minds away from the chaos that everyday life can bring adding wonder to our daydreams. Dracaena houseplants are easy to look after, although, remember to place them in a light spot away from direct sunlight and only water once the soil is dry, and also mist with water from time to time. These care routines are also fulfilling, helping to relieve stress.

Lipstick (Aeschynanthus)

With green foliage that elegantly tumbles down and dark red flowers adding a vibrancy that’s pleasing to the eye, introducing Aeschynanthus, aka the lipstick plant into your surroundings can help to elevate your mood. There’s certainly a sense of pure bliss seeing houseplants thrive under your care when their curious red flowers start to bloom. This houseplant will bring a smile to our mood in bright, indirect sunlight and when watered moderately without the soil being soaked completely.

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