Colours have a huge impact on our psychology and the way that we feel. For example, we all know that (in the west at least) red can represent love or act as a warning, or that green is the colour of nature. We use these same colours to describe our moods – red with anger, or green with jealousy – and many psychologists talk about the impact and significance of the colour of the clothes we wear.

Logically then, the importance of colour also extends to how we decorate our homes. The colours we choose to use in different rooms can affect how we feel when we are in them, meaning that some hues are better suited to certain rooms than others. Here’s a quick overview to help you use colour to your advantage in your home.

How to use colour to your advantage when decorating your home 

Best for a bedroom: Blue

Blue is a very calming colour, evoking feelings of serenity and tranquil waters. This is particularly true of darker, warmer blues, which can then be balanced by accents of pastel or sky blue. The colour blue is also thought to help lower blood pressure, regulate breathing, and calm the mind – all of which make it perfect for a room where you’re trying to get some rest.

Best for a home office: Green

Green is a colour that evokes thoughts of nature, and as such is thought to be very restorative for us. It’s also thought to boost our productivity and enhance our creativity, making it ideal for use in your home office. This is especially true because green is also a harmonious colour, which means it helps to keep us grounded when we’re dealing with stressful work situations.

Best for the kitchen: Yellow

Yellow is a wonderfully bright, chatty and cheerful colour. It’s reminiscent of spring flowers and sunshine and can be a great way to inject yourself with a feeling of positivity and energy. This makes it a good choice for the kitchen, helping to wake you up and boost your motivation as you enjoy your breakfast or morning coffee ready for the day ahead.

Best for the dining room: Orange

Orange is a lovely vibrant hue and is effective as a statement colour. It can invoke energy, enthusiasm and even appetite, so can be a great choice for the dining room – especially when you’re entertaining guests. It’s also a fantastic colour for adding warmth to a room. Of course, if you’re trying to literally make your house warmer, investing in a new heating system from somewhere like might be a more effective way!

Best for an art studio: Purple

Purple is a colour that has long been associated with mystery, sophistication, luxury and royalty. It’s also brilliant for sparking creativity and imagination, and as such is the perfect choice for an art studio, writing nook, or craft room. You can even mix different shades of purple together, from rich, deep colours to lighter lilacs and lavenders, depending on the size of the room you’re working in.

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