Flowers convey emotions that words cannot, and that is why they are considered as the best gift for all occasions. It can be birth or funerals that express your sentiment to the recipient appropriately. Since different types of flowers symbolize different things like happiness, sadness, friendship, love, etc. it is essential to know which flower suits for which occasion. These meanings attached to different types have not come from one source but from many and have evolved through time. Listed below is a compilation of what kind of flowers to give and the best occasion to give them.

A Handy Guide To Gift Flowers For Different Occasions

Birthday Flowers

A colourful flower bouquet that is arranged in a tasteful manner is a perfect birthday gift.  It can make the recipient feel special on their important day. The bouquet should be chosen based on the receiver’s choice, the relationship you share, and the birth month of the recipient. For example, if the birth month is January then include carnations, for April daisies, asters for September, etc. Add red chrysanthemums to the bunch if you want to say ‘I love you’, pink carnations to express gratitude, geraniums if you share a great friendship and for long-lasting friendships include Forget-Me-Not blooms.

Anniversary Flowers

If you are selecting flowers as a gift for a wedding anniversary it is preferred to pick the favourites of the couple. Coloured roses are a safe option irrespective of whether they are newly married or celebrating many years of togetherness. If you are not sure what they like, choose daisies if the couple is celebrating 5 years of marriage as it represents fidelity. For the 10th anniversary, daffodils are a good option as it represents truth and forgiveness.

Birth of a Baby

Giving birth to a baby is a joyous occasion. The father of the newborn can give his wife red roses as a symbol of his love for the newborn and the mom. If you are giving it to newborn parents then a bouquet of colourful flowers is a great way to congratulate them. Giving carnations is also considered a good idea as it epitomizes good luck.

Valentine’s Day

Gifting flowers to their partners on Valentine’s day is the most delightful moment of that special day. It shows their affection towards each other and also symbolizes romance and passion. Red roses are the most recommended, suggest experts from florist Boise ID, as it is considered romantic. Carnations are also a great pick if the couple is just starting their relationship. White roses can be chosen to express pure love, yellow roses for friendship and pink roses to show admiration. To express heartfelt feelings choose tulips, lilies and alstroemeria.

Wedding Flowers

Flowers are given for weddings irrespective of the location and size of the weddings. Couples consider it as an important aspect of their wedding planning. The flowers considered for decorating at weddings are based on marriage themes, styles, decor, season, and the trend. But, having said that, there are a few popular choices irrespective of the above criteria. That includes red roses and symbolizes passion, peonies signals prosperity, happy marriage, and good luck. If you want to send a specific message on your wedding day, here are some of the flowers and their meanings:

  • Gardenias indicate joy
  • Calla lilies look elegant and regal
  • Amaryllis expresses love
  • Hydrangeas symbolize perseverance and earnest emotions.

Gifting flowers on a wedding is done to wish the newlyweds good luck for a happy married life. Roses are the traditional option, a ranunculus is an affordable option and can be gifted at weddings for all seasons, hydrangeas look good and peonies are great for summer weddings.

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Special Occasions

Special blooms are a great way to celebrate any special occasion like a graduation, promotion, wedding anniversary, etc. Consider Dahlias for promotion as it indicates change and excitement. You can opt for camellia for graduation as it shows finesse and excellence and daffodils on anniversaries as it symbolizes truth. Orchids can be a good ‘Get Well Soon’ gift as it indicates strength and love.

Funeral Flowers

If the family of the deceased is accepting flowers, you can send bouquets for the funeral. There are many types of arrangements including hearts, crosses, wreaths, funeral baskets, etc. The flowers in them have a specific meaning; red carnations show admiration, pink is for remembrance, and lilies signify purity. Red roses indicate respect and love to the departed, crimson rose symbolizes your grief and orchids express your sympathies. Since giving certain flowers are thought to be inappropriate in certain cultures, check with the family before getting it delivered.

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There is immense joy in giving flowers to people as it brings happiness to the receiver. These blooms bundled, wrapped, and bunched into a bouquet conveys what words cannot express. Also, sending flowers these days is easy with many delivery options adding great convenience to the giver. These fragrant hues bring joy all around!

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