Planning for migrating to a dream country? Great!! With permanent residentship in the world’s powerful country, you can enjoy brilliant education and career opportunities. Besides, you can ensure the financial and physical safety of your family before and after retirement. Then why not be a part of such a developed nation.

If a question, how to migrate to the US is troubling, here we have essential details for your help. You will also learn the amazing benefits of migrating to the US.

How to migrate to the US?

Here, we have essential eligibility criteria. You can check your profile based on information for good guidance.

  1. Green Card Through Family

Getting a Card or permanent residency through a family relationship is one of the common ways to settle in the United States. Here are some details on who can file a petition to get permanent residency:

  • If you are close relatives of a US citizen or going to get married to immigrant with a green card. Your US citizen Fiancé needs to file Form I-129F for bringing a non-citizen fiancé(e) to the U.S. for marriage. The process involves certain steps, therefore taking advice from experts will be a better option for a smooth and faster documentation process.
  • If you are unmarried children and under the age of 21 or parents over 21 years old file a petition under USCIS Form I-130 to bring them to the US.
  • If you get married or above 21 years old, don’t panic. Your file may take time for processing to get a green card through a U.S. citizen relative.
  1. Green Card Through a Job

Getting a green card through a job is a broader concept. You can avail PR with the employment option, though investment option and if you have some special skills.

  • To get a green card through your employer, your employer has to offer you permanent employment. The employer also needs to file USCIS Form I-140 Immigrant Petition for migrating a foreign worker.
  • Alien Entrepreneur can apply in Form I-526 for Immigrant Petition. But there are certain conditions associated with, investors invest $1 million into a new business or $500,000 into target area employment. And must be able to give a minimum of 10 permanent jobs in the United States.
  • Another category for getting a green card is very rare. It involves whether you have extraordinary abilities or best in your field. For instance, Olympic athletes or Nobel Prize winners have high chances to get a green card in the United States.
  • If you are a member of an armed force or Afghan or Iraqi translators. You have high chances for faster US permanent residency.
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  1. Being a Refugee or Asylee

Immigrants who entered the United States can apply for a green card after spending one year successfully. Even the immediate family member of asylees can also apply for Permanent residency in the US. But check out;

  • Asylees family members are allowed but not asylees allowed to apply for a green card.
  • Refugees can apply after completing one year in the country.
  • If the Refugee or asylees meet with immigration criteria normally, need not apply in I-130 or I-140 form with the USCIS.

Keeping the above information in mind helps you to apply for a visa in the US. keep in mind that always check your application eligibility before applying under certain categories. Let’s know what are amazing advantages you can enjoy once you get a Green card.

Benefits For Immigrants in The US?

  1. No Employment Restrictions

The green card holder can enjoy more employment options and opportunities to enhance their career. They are free to move anywhere and change jobs or go with a start-up than the professionals currently on L1 or H-1B visa, in the US. The greater options for mobility helps to raise income and quality of life. Even they can avail government employment opportunities after completing certain formalities.

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  1. Access to Public Education System

Permanent residents can enjoy free and high-quality education at public schools for their children. US education is known for its holistic education approach. Therefore, your child can learn excellent English skills and help children’s overall development. Moreover, public schools help to create and improve peers’ networks that assist in their college life.

  1. Likelihood of College Admission

The US education system is well known, therefore people around the world come to learn high-quality education. The limited seats restricted overseas students’ entry, but green cardholders can avail the benefits of a college education at reduced college tuition, get benefits from state financial aids, or avail themselves scholarships for extraordinary performance.

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  1. Access to Advanced Health Care Services

The world is aware of the US’s cutting-edge innovation and researches in the medical fields. With this world’s 10 best hospitals lies in the US. So, getting a green card helps you to attain the benefits of a medical facility at very nominal charges.

  1. Permanent Residents Can Travel Freely

The united statutes are known for diversity in the context of climate, geography, lifestyle. Therefore, whether you want to enjoy the hustle and bustle of life in New York or want to relax on the beaches of California. You can travel freely in any part of the US. On the other hand, if you want to plan for an international trip, you can apply for any country without fear of rejecting visa applications as most nations do not require visas when travelling with green cards.

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  1. Additional Support When They Retire

The US government offers special support to green card holders after retirement. You will start earning a pension that can earn abroad or in the US. Retired residents are also eligible to avail certain benefits of a medical facility or participate in social welfare programs.


Hope the above information helps you to know when and how you can apply for US immigration. Keep in mind, try to take assistance from an expert for the right guidance. Once you get a green card, you can avail all the benefits that other present permanent residents are enjoying without paying much.

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