Smoking is a huge problem in society today and causes major health issues. Yet, in the US alone, there are almost 30 million smokers who are addicted and find quitting very hard to do. There are a few things that can make quitting smoking easier. Of course, it is hard by its very nature, but you can make it easier on yourself with some tried and tested methods that work. From switching to vapes like Vuse, chewing on nicotine gum, trying out patches, to sucking on peppermints, to taking your mind off smoking, here are some useful suggestions.

7 Ways to Make Quitting Smoking Easier

Consider Cigarette Replacements

Smoking cigarettes is by far the most common method of taking nicotine. But there are some alternatives that people find useful when trying to quit, and they are not as bad for you as smoking. Some common nicotine replacement therapy solutions include nicotine sprays, patches, and gum. You can also try pouches and pods like the ones from Snusdaddy. Then there are e-cigarettes that provide just enough nicotine and also give you something to hold.

Vaping Can Make Quitting Smoking Easier

It is too early to understand the long-term effects of vaping, but they are being used as replacements for smoking, especially when trying to quit. There have been some success stories, and there are some doctors who would recommend vaping over smoking because they don’t have some of the toxic chemicals that cigarettes do. However, vaping is not yet fully understood, and you should be aware of cheaper and fake brands that cause severe problems.

Identify Your Triggers to Avoid Them

There are triggers and urges to smoke tobacco, much like other drugs. Because of this, you can identify them like other drugs, so you can learn to avoid them. For example, if you have spent years enjoying a cigarette while at parties, make plans to avoid the same situations when you know you will be placed in them. Smoking is also known as a stress reliever, so working on avoiding stressors in your life and at work can help you avoid most of the issues.

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Take Your Mind Off It

It’s hard to quit when there are temptations all around. And when you are idle, those urges can begin to creep back in. Taking your mind off smoking will help, so consider some of these:

  • Get into a new hobby more, especially one where there are no smokers.
  • Go for a run or jog every time you feel like a cigarette or some tobacco.
  • Some people find solace in quiet contemplation or even saying a prayer.
  • Writing your thoughts and feelings in a journal can help externalize them.
  • Do some work around the home, like chores and getting paperwork done.

Doing one or all of these can help you when you feel like smoking. Hobbies are excellent for taking your mind off things, and healthier ones like exercising are even better for you.

Chew on or Hold Something

Most smokers find that they miss the sensation of something in their mouth or hands after years or even decades of a smoking habit. Something as simple as holding a pen in your hands can help you when you miss a cigarette. And chewing on healthy snacks will help take your mind off having a cigarette in your mouth. You can begin with nicotine gum and slowly bring yourself away from it with snacks like sugar-free candy, carrot sticks, sunflower seeds, or tasty peanuts.

Find Ways to Relax More

You may have used smoking as a way to cope with stress for years. But with them gone, what can you do? It helps to find ways to avoid stress and deal with it head-on. One of the best ways is to relax more. A more relaxing lifestyle will greatly reduce the stress in your life. And it’s easier than you think. Meditation, gardening, and yoga are popular these days. But it can even be as easy as finding somewhere quiet at home or at work and listening to music for a while.

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Find Support as You Need It

You can do it alone, but it’s easier with help and support. Smoking is the same as any other addiction, even though it’s legal. And like any other addiction, it can be detrimental to your health, relationships, and finances. However, once you take the first step to stopping, you will find there is a lot of support if you look for it. Friends and family are often the first port of call for most people. But you can also find local support groups like Nicotine Anonymous for help.


Cigarette replacements like nicopods can make quitting smoking easier. But you really need to work at it rather than replace it. Avoiding triggers and stress are two excellent ways to ease your mind from smoking. And you should find and use any support you can find from all around you.

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