When you are limited on space in a bedroom, you need to use all the design knowledge you have. Making the most out of a small bedroom can be difficult (but not impossible). Learning to utilise spaces is crucial, as making sure a small bedroom does not feel cramped or overbearing is important to your mental health. However, you also want to make sure that you make the most out of the space you have. If you are not utilising every area, a small bedroom can be unfit for purpose.

How to Design a Small Bedroom - Tips for Effective Use and Design

Get Your Measurements

To begin with, you need to get the measurements of the bedroom you are designing. If you do not have measurements to look at, you do not know what can be included and where. When you are measuring a small bedroom, don’t forget to measure from floor to ceiling. Utilizing the ceiling for storage space may be something you can think about doing (especially if you have high ceilings). Try and get somebody to help you measure to make sure that your measurements are accurate and correct.

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Think About What the Space Needs

Once you have your measurements, it is time to start thinking about what the space needs to feature. For example, it will need a bed, wardrobe, curtains and dresser as a minimum, but what else will it need to have to make it usable and functional?

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For instance, if a small bedroom is for a child, will it need to have lots of storage space? When you are thinking about what a small bedroom needs, it is important to add furniture and accessories that utilise the space (as well as possible). This may mean that you start looking at a bunk bed mattress and bunk beds. It may also mean that you start looking at furniture that has built-in storage. Think about what you want a finished bedroom to look like (and include), and then work backwards from this point.

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Utilise Lighting

In a small bedroom, light can be an issue. Perhaps the is a small window, or perhaps the natural light is not coming into the room as you had hoped. To overcome this obstacle, you need to utilize lighting. This may mean you need to add some form of borrowed light to the room (such as a window above a door). Or it may mean that you need to look at lighting that is sunk into the ceilings and walls (to ensure it does not impede the rest of the space on offer).

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Make Use of Bright and Light Colours

Dark colours and tones are going to bring a room down and make it feel claustrophobic. Light and bright colours are going to lift a room. They are going to make it feel as airy and as spacious as possible. Looking at colours that are reflective and that allow the light to bounce around the room is important. Also, looking at paint that makes spaces feel bigger may be something that you wish to do.

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