In the last couple of years, we have all been witness to collective and personal situations which have been difficult to deal with. Multiple losses, ill health, lack of continuity, and uncertain times can be challenging in the short term. However, when faced with such scenarios for such a prolonged period, it can crush a person. Religion has been a constant source of support for masses across the globe and has proven highly beneficial for our mental health. This blog will explore the reasons why religion has been effective in keeping us mentally healthy in 2022.

How Religion Can Help Improve Your Mental Health In 2022

  • Helps people cope with difficult scenarios: Religion provides people with some solace in finding meaning behind suffering, and accepting reality with more ease. The very thought of being watched over by a higher power is comforting, where prayer can bring more positivity in life. Religion offers us the hope of light at the end, no matter how dark the tunnel looks presently.
  • Provides wisdom to deal with trials and tribulations: Trials and tribulations are a part of every human’s journey in life. We learn emotions like joy and accomplishments but have to also witness the ‘undesirable’ emotions like pain, guilt, and failures. This can be seen especially in the workings of the Christian addiction recovery Religion and faith give us the wisdom to deal with such times. Having the attitude of gratitude when times are good, and showing resilience and grace when things are not going well is the premise of most religious practices.
  • Gives you faith in a better future: Religion is not blind to a person’s pain and suffering but gives them the hope and strength to look forward to a better future. The silver lining of every scripture leans towards the value of having an optimistic outlook in life, where God is a loving being who will provide in bad times and support us through the good.
  • Brings you closer to your intuition: Intuition and our moral compass are closely tied together, depending on how close we are to our religious foundations. From time to time, we are presented with choices that deteriorate our mental health. Religion gives us the support of a strong intuition to make the right choices such as refraining from self-harm, self-sabotage, addictive tendencies, and others.
  • Makes you mindful and compassionate towards the self: Of all the people, beings, and causes in the world, the most difficult one to show empathy and compassion towards is ourselves. We go through anxiety and depression for several reasons including expecting too much from ourselves. Holding ourselves to impossible standards of perfection can be detrimental, which is what religion helps heal. Reaching a point of having compassion towards ourselves makes us more compassionate towards all there is.
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Wrapping Up:

Religious teachings have changed and evolved over time and have a highly tolerant approach today. The teachings of religious leaders and God in this day are providing a shoulder to lean on for all those struggling mentally with the loss of a job, family, and other personal issues through the abovementioned points. We hope more people can lean on the valuable knowledge imparted by religion to find peace.

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