It can be hard to decide upon the eco-friendly choices for a renovation, as you may not have the money to do them all. However, making one or two decisions can ultimately reduce your emissions and save money. From insulation to repurposed furniture, here are some ideas.

Easy Eco-Friendly Choices for a Renovation Project

Long-Lasting Natural Materials

The materials you use are vital when completing any renovation. Some won’t last for very long and need replacing. This means you may have used unnecessary carbon and contribute to waste. At the least, you will only waste money. Natural and long-lasting materials are often the best way to go. For example, you can opt for architectural stone materials on the exterior of your home. These are usually weather-resistant, cheaper for longer, and just look amazing anyway.

Insulating Your Home

With the cost of energy still pretty high, even after two years of the highest prices ever, it makes sense to use a renovation project to make your home warmer. It might be an initial expense, but good-quality insulation can shave thousands off your overall energy bills over the years. Some popular choices include cavity wall insulation, solid wall insulation and good old draught-proofing. Do these as a design choice while renovating rather than an afterthought.

Water Eco-Friendly Choices for a Renovation

Another thing you can do while you have the chance is assess your water system and rebuild it from the ground up. Water efficiency will save you a ton of money and last a lifetime when done correctly. Additionally, older water systems in your home are prone to severe water damage at any time, so it makes sense to address it while you have the chance. For example, have your contractor look at the pipes. And at the very least, install water-saving devices as standard.

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Smart Electricity Usage

Electricity generation and usage is the main contributor to carbon emissions. And because we all use electricity for everyday life, we all have a role to play in reducing the amounts. As part of a renovation project, this can be made easier by installing LED lighting recesses, smart plugs and smart home control systems. Smart homes allow you to control everything directly or indirectly. For instance, you can switch off everything from your phone or handy set timers.

Your Home’s Heating System

Further to insulation and electricity, heating our homes also contributes to global warming. But of course, heating our homes is necessary for survival. Yet you might be wasting more than you need to. While going through a renovation, you can take advantage of the project to install a new, more energy-efficient heating system. Out with the old, as it were. Heat pumps are a modern popular choice as they use much lower amounts of carbon than central heating.


The materials you use, such as stone, are great eco-friendly choices for a renovation. You must also consider ways you can save water and other energy usage if you want to save money contribute to lower carbon emissions, and perhaps upgrade the heating system of the home.

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