Healthy isn’t the same thing for everyone. It’s going to look different and be made up of different parts. It’s why some people can get such different results when following the same diet; we process things in our own ways, including the food we eat! So what does that mean for living a healthy lifestyle? It’s all about doing what you need and discounting the rest. If you need a little more convincing, here are just a few of the main ways the best person to listen to is yourself. 

Why Living Healthily Looks Different For Everyone

We Don’t All Need the Same Amount of Water

It’s easy to say people should drink around two litres of water per day, but this won’t be a necessity for everyone. We don’t all need the same amount of water, and although there’s a general guideline out there about the best amount to get down every day, it’s not going to ring true in all cases. 

Indeed, some people only need around a litre, some people need nearer to a gallon. It’s all about what your body needs to keep your muscles working well and feeling flexible. So don’t force yourself to drink more water than you need; if you feel thirsty, take a sip, if you don’t, you might not need to! 

Drinking too much water can even be bad for you, and should be avoided just as much as not drinking enough. 

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White Teeth Aren’t Necessarily Healthy

It’s a common point on the internet, but white teeth aren’t necessarily a sign of brilliant oral health. On the opposite side, yellowed or off white teeth aren’t a guarantee someone doesn’t care about their teeth and gums. It’s all about what that person does to take care of their mouth, as well as their genetics, and talking to a dentist will confirm that for you. 

This is one of the most common yet often ignored ways health can differ. Someone can follow a very strict fitness routine, only eat a paleo diet, and still have no pearly whites. Take this into perspective the next time you think about the way you look and what it says about you. 

Everyone’s health has a different effect on their ‘makeup’, and it’s OK to look different to the people you live and work with. In fact, we’d even encourage it! 

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Weight Distribution Occurs in Different Ways

A lot of people around the world are the same weight. However, you wouldn’t think it to look at them, if you stood them side by side. That’s because weight distribution is different for everyone, and each body has its own way of moving the pounds around. 

Someone could even be technically ‘overweight’, if going by BMI definition, and look like they hit the gym at least three times a week! 

Living healthily is a bit different for everyone, and trying to draw comparison is only going to lead to heartbreak in the end. Keep the above points in mind on your journey. 

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