Deciding where to go on vacation can be almost as stressful as traveling. There’s a whole world out there, and every destination has its own pros and cons. Choosing the best vacation destination for 2019 isn’t about following the crowds, it’s about finding the new. If experiences and unique environments are your goals, then 2019 has some stunning locations to choose from. Avoid the traditional vacation spots, and check out some of these most unique and wonderful destinations to relax in and explore. Get off the beaten track and head off somewhere different, and your dream vacation could change your whole outlook on life.

Vacations Ideas

Adventure in Patagonia

South America has some popular destinations, and 2019 looks set to see it high on the list of best places to visit. If you’re after a true escape, then Patagonia should be your priority. Lovers of adventure will feel right at home in one of the least populated areas in the Americas. Make sure that you check out:

  • The stars – Lack of pollution gives you a clear view of the Milky Way.
  • Hiking – The world’s longest hiking trail passes through 17 of Patagonia’s national parks.
  • Food and drink – There are some amazing wines coming out of Patagonia, so remember to sample some Malbecs straight from the vineyard.

Beautiful and awe-inspiring, Patagonia is set to be a very popular destination in 2019.

American Splendor in Gatlinburg

Tennessee has a lot of tourist attractions, but if the thought of crowds and country music puts you off, then you might want to head to Gatlinburg. This remarkable city is the gateway to the most popular national park in North America, and if you want the true wonder of nature in all of its glory, then this is where you should head. Avoid the hotels and use sites like that can show you some amazing cottages to stay in that are close to the city and the Great Smoky Mountains. If you want to take a break from nature, there are theme parks and some great shopping opportunities in the city itself, so Gatlinburg really does have something for everyone.

Marvel at Marrakech

Morocco has always been a popular destination, but it seems to have dropped down the lists of top destinations in recent years. Perhaps that’s due to the flamboyant chaos of the city center. Marrakech is certainly not for the timid!

Head to the Medina of Marrakech and look forward to getting lost in the narrow alleyways packed with bargains and unique sights. Make sure that you reserve some time to check out the Koutoubia Mosque and the Bahia Palace, and remember to pack the sunscreen. Temperatures can get very hot in Marrakech!

The Beauty of Bali

With opportunities to both relax and explore, Bali has it all. This small Indonesian island is absolutely breathtaking, and you can either relax on the unspoiled beaches or go adventuring around the ancient temples that are dotted around the island. The best thing about Bail is that you can tailor your vacation to your budget very easily. For people happy to spend, there are some luxurious hotels to choose from, but those with a more limited budget can easily find a cheap villa to spend the night in.

Your vacation should always be tailored to the kind of experience that you want. Don’t head to the same old beach or theme park. Explore the potential of the world that we live in and you could return home with a whole new outlook on life.

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