We’re surrounded by colour. Whether it’s through nature, our home, or our closet, colour is everywhere. With Spring finally, here, it’s no surprise that we’ll be starting to notice bright hues appear throughout our daily lives. More people will be integrating bright pastels into their wardrobe, their beauty routine, and throughout their home. But with each colour comes specific psychology behind it. Colour has the power to positively affect not only you but the people around you as well. Here is how you can use each popular spring colour to positively influence your style and the people around you!


Whether it’s a light pink or bright fuchsia, pink is one of the prettiest colours to break out for the warm weather. As pink is known to have a calming effect, one of the best places you can incorporate pink is throughout your home. The next time you’re ready to revamp or Feng Shui your home, try to choose pieces that match your style but also have a pink undertone. Not only will this calming effect be felt by you, but it’ll also be felt by all the people that come into your home.


Yellow is no doubt one of the most visually appealing colours on the spectrum. Yellow not only emits positive emotions of cheerfulness and optimism but also increases mental activity and energy. As yellow is one of the more well-known colours associated with warm weather, we can expect to see this positive colour all around us as we approach those warmer months. Yellow can be a tough colour for some people in regards to fashion, as the bright hue tends to wash away complexion. If you want to include yellow into your wardrobe, the best place to incorporate it is through your accessories. Adding a pop of mustard-coloured earrings or a bright yellow clutch will sure take your outfit to the next level!


Similar to the effects of yellow, orange regularly gives off feelings of excitement and enthusiasm. If you’re a fan of wearing bold makeup looks, one place you can incorporate orange is through your makeup. Instead of wearing your regular makeup look, go for something different like a bold orange eye or an orangey hued lipstick. If you’re not interested in changing up your makeup look, the next best place is your hair. As many people will start to lighten their locks for spring and summertime, dare to be different and dye your hair a shade of orange. Whether you’re aiming for a dramatic or subtle look, colouring your hair a fun shade is guaranteed to turn your overall look into a head-turner.

Rose Gold

With its coppery finish, rose gold or otherwise known as “millennial pink” is always a popular colour that really shines when warm weather comes out. From our phone accessories to our shoes, there are tons of products that come in rose gold. With its popularity, it’s no surprise that people often associate rose gold with compassion, composure and warmth. One of the most popular places we see rose gold is within our home decor and accessories. With hair clips and scrunchies fully making a comeback, next time you’re in need of more hair accessories, splurge on ones that include rose gold in them. Incorporating this colour into your hair and/or outfit will give off those perfect spring and summer vibes you’re trying to achieve!

How do you plan on using spring colours to influence your style?

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