Working from home is a daily reality for the vast majority of us right now, and it’s fair to say that everyone is going through a period of adjustment as we explore new ways of working remotely, keeping productive, and staying in touch with our colleagues.

While fashion is hardly a priority at the moment, we’re sure you’ll agree that your outfit can often have a substantial impact on the way you feel. I believe that one of the easiest ways to get motivated to begin your working day – even when you’ll be spending your time at the kitchen table – is by getting dressed in the right outfit.

Comfort is, of course, key, and the rules are probably more relaxed, too. After all, it’s unlikely that your boss will expect you to do the same smart attire you’d wear to the office. But, that doesn’t mean you should spend the working week wearing your pyjamas either.

Staying in that doesn’t mean stepping down your style. Iconic looks never rest, so we’ve put together a collection of everything you’ll need to look seriously stellar, all from the comfort of your own four walls.

Different pieces of clothing can impact us in various ways, and those effects ultimately come down to two factors: how we look wearing the clothes and what the clothes symbolize for us.

I think it’s easy to stay in our PJs all day because we associate each place and each role in our lives with a uniform. Depending on the role we are playing when we’re home – perhaps you’re a mother, perhaps you’re a student – we know that home is associated with the uniform of comfy wear and or PJs. It’s typically hard for us to feel productive in PJs because they’re not associated with productivity. The key is to find a compromise between getting ultra dressy and being too comfortable when putting together your work from home wardrobe.

I’m always more productive when I feel dressed, even if I am wearing sweatpants, I go ahead and wear the matching set. You can be comfortable and feel good about your look at the same time. This being said, if you’re going to stock up on any new apparel, now is the time to bulk up your collection of basics.

You can layer a cute cardigan, slip dress, or blazer on top of a boyfriend tee paired with a pair of Stone Cargo Slim Fit Trouser.

Basics are super easy to dress up or down, and you can wear them over and over again in new ways. If you are looking for something chill, look to an easy slip dress or something as simple as a black oversized T-Shirt & Leggings Set and you’ll look put together.

For me, it’s been chic loungewear that has undoubtedly done the best job at keeping me sane for the past few weeks as I recently upgraded my loungewear collection thanks to FemmeLuxe. My favourites are:

Rose V-Neck Boxy Loungewear Set – Estelle in Pink

A new way to chill and work in style. We are loving the Rose V-Neck Boxy Loungewear Set. This two-piece features matching comfy T-shirt and straight leg jogger trousers. Co-ord with a pair of fluffy sliders or spice it up with a pair of barely-there heels and slay!

Khaki Loungewear Tracksuit Set – Maria

Pull off a glamorous but relaxed style in Femme Luxe’s Khaki Loungewear Set! Add a pair of high top trainers for a sassy take on this seasons sports luxe look! This super sleek look is great for a productive workday at home or in my case, at the beach as the beach is literally less than 50 metres from our apartment.

Important –  Keep a Work / Life Balance

Once you have your work from home wardrobe all ready, it’s time to set some boundaries in your life. One of the most important boundaries you can set — other than with your friends and family — is a start and end time to your day.

When you work from home, you may find yourself happier, but you also may find yourself working longer hours – I am guilty of this. Don’t let your work spill into what is normally your own personal time to relax and unwind. Creating these boundaries can help prevent remote work burnout.

So, when that time hits at the end of the day, wrap up what you’re doing, change out of your work clothes, and put on those comfy PJs or other leisurewear. Doing this will also train your body to know when it can go into relaxation mode.

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