Let’s face it; we all have days where we don’t fancy doing anything, we just want to ‘be’. I used to be hard on myself a couple of years ago; whenever I felt like doing nothing, I would ignore my feelings and emotions and just get on with whatever I had to do according to my to-do list.

This was before I went on a journey to self-discovery. I learned to tune in and listen to my body, mind and spirit. I learned to slow down and just be.

Being kind

Yesterday was one of those ‘don’t-want-to-do-anything’ days which was why I decided to take the day off from my ‘daily duties’ and just do whatever I felt like doing.

Taking time off, inspired me to reconnect with my business and add a new category to my blog; ‘A Day in My Life…‘.

Sometimes we just need to step back and let Universe lead the path ♡

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