One of the health trends that has defined the last couple of years in the rise of smoothies. More and more people are blending up a whole load of the healthiest products and drinking them in one easy to manage beverage.

Though they can be great, remember they shouldn’t be used as a shortcut to staying healthy. You also shouldn’t be starving yourself and using smoothies as a total diet replacement. However, there is a range of health benefits to drinking smoothies which we’ll take a closer look at here.


The Energy of An Athlete

According to some research by Powered by Green Smoothies, it has been found that adding smoothies to your diet increases energy, decreases recovery time and reduces aches and pains. If you’re someone who is constantly on the go, smoothies can give you a hit of vitamins and can really power you up before a big workout session.

Fruit and Veg

A lot of different studies have shown that most people simply aren’t getting the five portions of fruit and vegetables that they are supposed to every day. This is a serious loss of vitamins and minerals.

One of the main reasons is that people forget to each that much throughout the day. A single smoothie can contain as much as two cups of greens and a cup of fruit so they are a great way of upping the amount of fruit and veg you are consuming.


Any balanced diet needs a good amount of fibre, but a lot of this has been removed if you only stick to fruit juices. Because a smoothie is made up of purely fruits and vegetables, you are not missing out on any of that valuable fibre which helps to prevent constipation, lowers cholesterol and helps you feel fuller for longer.


Over the last few years, antioxidants have been shown to have countless health benefits including preventing cell damage. Many fruits and vegetables are a rich source of these – berries, and in particular, blueberries, have been found to be good so make sure to blend plenty of these into your smoothie.

A Healthy Balance

You can experiment with various different types of smoothies until you get a flavour you enjoy the most. If you need a blender in which to make your smoothies. You can also add in various different items with various different health benefits, giving you a full package the vitamins and minerals that you need for a healthy lifestyle.

Some items may not be particularly pleasant on their own (kale is an example that many people give!) but you are unlikely to taste them if they are blended in with various other products. This means that you can benefit from healthy items that you never would have gone near in the past.


Beyond basic fruit and vegetables, there are a host of other nuts and seeds you can add in, all with their own individual health properties.

A fun and interesting way of staying healthy, it’s no wonder that so many people have embraced the smoothie trend.

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