Defined as the state of being free from tension and anxiety, relaxation is an art. It’s our body’s way of rejuvenating. Modern life is more fast-paced than ever and with huge daily demands, from parental responsibilities to work stresses and financial concerns, it can often feel hard to find the time to get away from it all.

Everyone deserves a break once in a while and by incorporating relaxation into your everyday life, your health is sure to benefit. Studies have shown benefits range from reduced chronic health worries, reduced heart rate and blood pressure and restored energy (re-energising you for your next challenges!).

3 ways to incorporate ‘me time’ relaxation as a part of your daily routine

Me time relaxation

Instead of slumping in front of the TV in the evening, or continuing work into the night, you can:

1. Practice Yoga – You may have seen Yoga classes scattered in your local gym’s timetable, but Yoga can be just as effective (if not more relaxing) when practised at home. Combining postures with breathing exercises, follow an online tutorial for half an hour in the evening! It will relax your mind while improving your flexibility at the same time.

2. Read a book – Open a book and escape into another world. Reading can really help you to forget about your daily stresses, leaving you feeling calm and relaxed ahead of bedtime. It has been shown that just 6 minutes of reading reduces stress by 68%, clearing the mind and preparing the body for a quality night’s sleep.

3. Try deep breathing – Learning to control breathing is a powerful skill. Exercises such as deep breathing enable your body to take in more oxygen and therefore, relieve anxiety, slow heart rate and stabilise blood pressure. If you complain that you’re time-poor, this is a great technique to factor in after a long day’s work, as a part of your evening routine.

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3 ideas for pre-planning ‘me time’ relaxation into your schedule

1. Get some sun – If you find yourself with spare annual leave or find the time to take a longer break, a week (or two-week) long holiday could be your answer. A break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, a week away from it all can help remind you why you do it; it can help to reignite your passion and excitement!

2. Pencil in a staycation – Don’t have the time for a full week break or don’t want the hassle with travel? A staycation could be the answer. There are many UK destinations that offer a perfect balance of culture and relaxation. Take York, for example, one of England’s finest cities is encircled by ancient city walls, with medieval streets still intact in the heart of the city, there are lots to explore either alone or with friends. After a light afternoon stroll, you can retire to spa hotels in York for some rest and relaxation, and perhaps even a pamper in the spa! You’ll leave feeling as if you’ve hit the ‘reset button’ and are ready for the new week ahead.

3. Go on a walk – Living in the UK, there are oh so many beautiful walking destinations, from the coastlines in Dorset to the many national parks such as the Lake District. Take yourself out to get some fresh air, clear your mind and take in the sights of the English countryside. Taking yourself out will teach you to enjoy your own company and put you back in touch with your own interests while reminding yourself that you are able to make yourself happy, without relying on other people!

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