change your Life

Life can be made legendary if we know that its limited and will end one day. I am not sure about you, but I see 100’s of messages daily on how we can improve our lives. We are surrounded by so many resources, inspiration, books, social media channels etc. (the list is endless) on personal development and to be honest with you, it can be pretty overwhelming at times – don’t you agree? Let me simplify this for you by asking you ONE question (yes, you read right!);


Think about it right now; “IF TODAY WAS YOUR LAST DAY, WHAT WOULD YOU DO?” Asking yourself this question more often will help you concentrate on what’s really important and what matters to you the most.

The thought of living the last day of my life comes with the things which I had been wanting to do but couldn’t do because of some reason or circumstance. So, here are the few things I would love to do on my last day:

  • Breakfast with my family in Norway
  • A romantic afternoon date with my first Love in Venice
  • An evening in Paris with my Baby
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I absolutely love and adore the song ‘Live like there’s no Tomorrow’ be Selena Gomez – and I feel it sums up what matters in life beautifully. Have a listen and let me know 🙂

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