Have you ever heard people saying things like “I’ve always wanted to go there, do that, have one of those, visit that place, start that business, begin that hobby?”

Why didn’t they ever do these things? When we know what we would love to do, we can start taking steps towards our dreams. Are you taking steps towards doing any of these things? If not, then why not? Focus on the steps you need to take to achieve your goals. Don’t be a person who complaints that they never got what they wanted out of life or you will always be disappointed and have low self-respect.

Start by getting clear about what you want in your life (download #FREE printable below ’10 things I want to do in my Life’) and then create a vision board. For example, have you ever wanted to learn music? There are some great online Music Tutors available that enable you to learn and practice straight away! Or perhaps you dream of writing a best-selling novel? Try using Wattpad! This is your vision, so make it happen!

I have been creating vision boards since 2015 and I change it now and then – according to goals achieved, things have changed, what I want to do etc. My first board was more about pretty images than having any connection with my values, goals and dreams. Since then, I have been diving deeper into discovering what my purpose is, what I want, what kind of person I want to be, what kind of life I want to live and more, so last weekend I updated my vision board (still work in progress!)

dreams - Vision Board

At this moment in time, I am focusing on Me, Myself & I; Getting fit, eating healthier, meditation, travelling, self-love & self-care etc., I have also included my top 3 words I am focusing on; Trust, Believe & Abundance + my favourite quote;

“Wherever Life takes you; Trust Your Journey!”

Now…I would like you to do the below exercise to discover your dreams & goals:

  1. Download the #FREE printable, spend some time thinking and writing down 10 things you want to do in your Life
  2. Browse the internet, Instagram, pinterest etc. and find images that’ll reflect the dreams and goals you have just written down and create a vision board (you don’t need to create a physical one, a digital one will work too!)


Reach for the stars, take a risk, be courageous and ACT! Reach for your dreams: begin today!

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