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The days have gotten longer, the weather is warmer, and the flowers are in full bloom… It’s official, Summer is finally here! But what does that mean for your jewellery collection? From statement sculptural styles to chunky chains to vibrant colours, the runways have confirmed that many of the top trends over the spring/summer seasons will be anything but subtle. However, there are also plenty of styles that can be adapted to suit those with a more minimalist approach, along with an emphasis on boho-chic designs. Unlike my younger self’s jewellery collection (it was rather large), my wiser self now owns a tiny capsule jewellery collection – and the latest additions are two stunning pieces from Pura Vida.

Moonstone Double Stone Ring

Moonstone Double Stone Ring

Pura Vida’s Moonstone Double Stone Ring is set on a delicate rose gold band and features both a teeny tiny crystal and a genuine moonstone gemstone (which is 100% unique!). Moonstone is known for sharpening your intuition, so you can trust your gut and look super chic.

Stone Wave Necklace

Stone Wave Necklace

By wearing Pura Vida’s Stone Wave Necklace, of course! The newest addition to their best-selling Wave collection comes in two finishes – silver or rose gold – with a cutout Wave charm-filled in with a genuine gemstone.

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