Landscaping is the art of blowing life into your property. By strategically placing plants and grass, you can create an attractive landscape that is worthy of attention. In order to enhance this, you can also use gravel and stone to distinguish between the architecture and the outdoor space.

Landscaping With Hardscape Stones

The key to creating an attractive landscape lies in picking the right materials. There is a wide range of materials for landscaping available in the market today. You need to pick the ones that are aesthetic and also practical at the same time. If you live in a part of the country that is prone to harsh winters, you will need a stone that is durable in harsh weather. Before you start hardscaping, let’s take a look at some of the popular ones:


Limestone is a type of sedimentary rock that is composed of eroded grains of fossils, plants, and rock. These come in colours ranging from white to red as well as black. As a matter of fact, limestone has been used in plenty of large scale building projects and is a favourite choice for hardscaping purposes. Its ability to withstand natural elements makes it perfect for walking paths and patios.


Sandstone has been around for centuries. It is extremely durable and easy to work with, making it a favourite hardscaping component among the experts. Since sandstone is soft, it can be cut into any shape, allowing you to use it for stairs, long winding paths, and unusually shaped gardens and so on. It also comes in several different eye-pleasing colours.

Decorative Gravel

Gravel has been used in landscaping for several decades. You can easily find pea gravel that is composed of tiny, round-shaped pebbles. They are pleasing to the eye and do not hurt your feet while you walk over them either. Experts at Allen Outdoor Solutions suggest using gravel and grout between other larger hardscape stones to create a wholesome effect. Since it is affordable, gravel remains a common aspect of many landscape designs.


Another popular hardscaping choice is slate. It comes in different colours and textures, allowing you to play around with different creative ideas for your outdoor area. However slate is susceptible to water damage, so it is a good idea to not use it near the pool.


Granite was initially used to create the first roadways in the ancient cities of Central America and Europe. This durable stone is very hard and non-porous. Thus makes it a great choice for hardscaping in environments that are prone to harsh weather conditions. Granite can be found in different forms like dust or boulders enabling landscaping designers to use it for any purpose in the outdoor area. Since granite is also immune to high temperatures, it is often the preferred choice for backyard pits.


Flagstone is a type of natural rock that has been cut into flat, thin slabs. These slabs are often inlaid in paths and patios and can be adapted to any design easily. These slabs can be arranged in different patterns depending on your preference.

Giving your outdoor area a makeover with hardscape stones helps enhance the functionality as well as the beauty of the space.

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