Sex might have come naturally to you and your other half at one point in your relationship. However, physical intimacy may have decreased as the weeks, months, or years have passed, and you might be eager to restore passion in your relationship.

Unfortunately, some people don’t want to initiate sex due to fear of rejection, but this attitude will only prevent you from maintaining a physical and emotional connection. Transform intimacy by reading this mini guide to initiating sex with your partner.

A Mini Guide to Initiating Sex with Your Partner

Tell Your Partner You Want to Have Sex

Instead of worrying about your sex life disappearing, tell your partner you want to have sex with them. If your partner knows you desire them, they are more likely to get hot and heavy with you underneath the sheets. Expressing your wants and needs, giving compliments, and even sending dirty texts might encourage your other half to initiate sex more, as it will eliminate their fear of rejection.

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Spice Up Your Sex Life

If sex has become a little boring and predictable, you and your partner might be less likely to initiate it. Keep your relationship fun, exciting, and passionate by finding ways to spice up your sex life by visiting My Amazing Fantasy in Andover to discover all the items you will need for plenty of fun inside (or outside) the bed, such as mind-blowing sex toys, naughty lingerie, and all the essentials to maximize pleasure. Whether you want to tie each other up, strap on, or dress up, there are plenty of ways you can shake things up and increase excitement in the bedroom.

For those looking for something extra, extra spicy, inviting a third (or more) to stay the night may be something that appeals to you both. You need a pretty solid relationship for this to work, but if you’re both comfortable and confident, it can add something new to your bedroom exploits. Alternatively, consider using an nsfw AI if you’re not comfortable with a third person. AI can give you the experience of talking to a third person, without any of the potential disagreements you may have with your partner on who to choose as your third.

Your partner may also be thinking about getting a penis augmentation, but you may be wondering why men may want to enlarge the penile glans? Many men may want to do this to help spice up the bedroom as many couples find it to be more stimulating as it can create more pressure and friction during intercourse. It may also help with their self-confidence, meaning they may be more likely to initiate sex.

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Use the Power of Touch

A soft kiss, a loving squeeze, or a passionate nuzzle might be all you need to do to initiate sex with your other half. If you are worried about coming on too strong and fear rejection, hold your partner a little longer than usual, massage their arm, or stretch out a kiss to get you both in the mood. Touch is a simple yet powerful way to express how much you desire your partner, particularly if your partner’s love language is touch.

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Schedule Time for Sex

If sex is a priority, don’t be afraid to schedule it. It might sound cold and predictable, but it could be key to a happier, more active sex life with your other half. Many couples schedule sex to keep physical and emotional intimacy alive, and even sex therapists encourage it.

Sit down with your partner and identify the best days or times for you both to slide underneath the sheets together. Ensure you both mark it in your calendar, and you could even set days for specific sexual activities to keep it fresh and fun.

It is the one time of the day or week when you will clear your schedule to become intimate, and the anticipation of sex could even make it more exciting. Don’t underestimate the importance of a sex schedule, as it could help you keep the fire burning for decades.

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