With so many different types of trends every day, it becomes very difficult to keep up with fast fashion. And luckily, there is not even any need to.

What you see your favourite celebrities wearing for the red carpet may not be very practical for your personal purposes. For example, you may not want to do the school run in the morning wearing a couture dress. Therefore, you need to have versatile pieces in your closet which are time tested and can make you look drab to fab within minutes.

Even the most well-dressed people of all times, look so chic and well put together when off duty. This is only due to a few wardrobe basics whose pairings have been mastered over the years.

Let’s be honest, most of us have neither the space nor the money for clothing pieces that we cannot get a lot of wear out of. Therefore, we have selected a few statement items for your wardrobe which will help you to look your best always, no matter what the occasion is. For your ease, these have been divided into categories.

Ruling Everyday Staples - Revamp Your Wardrobe Basics in 2021


Maintaining your physique in tattered and holed sweats is not an option when you want to look perfect all the time. Therefore, you need to get some athleisure pieces which will help you to keep fit while looking good. Sweat-absorbing, odour-free and stretchy fabrics are a must for high-intensity workout clothing. Your tee shirts and tanks need to be made of breathable material so that you can exercise without having to worry about any tears. Get good quality yoga pants and leggings which can be also worn under an oversized tee for heading out the door quickly. Dressed up head to toe in this style of loungewear is increasingly becoming popular as it is very comfortable and forgiving from any restrictions on the skin. So having a few of these clothing pieces in this fashion will help you to glide effortlessly through your gym class to an impromptu cafe date.

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Work Wear

Even though most of the office work now has been taken over by meetings on the video calls, still there are times when you need to be at your workplace. And as clothes maketh a man, you need to look sharp. And the key is to invest in a few but qualitative pieces of workwear. A few of the quintessential items are pale shirts, combined with chinos or formal trousers. Depending upon the climate, you can choose to put on a waistcoat or a blazer. Also, if you want, you can have a few skirts and dresses which will help you to break down any monotonous looks in the office week.

Daily Casuals

This is the category of clothes which you reach out to the most. Whether it is an everyday grocery trip or going for a doctor’s appointment, this style is the one which you wear the maximum time and therefore, needs to be comfortable and yet stylish. After choosing the neckline which flatters your body type the most, select the silhouettes.

Pink Floral Puff Ball Sleeve Frill Hem Smock Midi Dress
Pink Floral Puff Ball Sleeve Frill Hem Smock Midi Dress by I SAW IT FIRST

Options like tunics, blouses, tanks, etc. are evergreen and can be layered with jackets and shrugs for added insulation. You can also check out t-shirt designs online to pick out the quirkiest and most humorous doodles to up your style quotient even further. Along with a few funny ones, do not miss out on a few basic solid ones in colours of white, black, and grey which can be worn with a blazer for a semi-formal look.

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Get Together Ensembles

Getting together with all your friends and family means a lovely day with a chilled-out mood. In these times, let your clothes also flow with the mood of the day. All you need are a few sundresses or loose maxi-styled gowns which can last you from morning to late evenings. Since the keyword here is casual aesthetics, keep it simple yet classy with jumpsuits, co-ords, tee-shirt dresses, etc. Feel free to play it up with different accessories and footwear to create interesting appearances.

Party Outfits

It is time to let your hair down and just go with the flow. And that is why you should not shy away from all the eccentric cuts and shiny fabrics. Go all out on the sequins and glitter as these help you to stand out in the dark. You can choose to go to the mini dress way or just keep a few tops in metallic shades to go with your choice of pants or skirt. Outfits with meticulous detailing at the back also look wonderful.

Adventure Items

An adventure trip is always welcome and there are chances that you embark on such journeys without much planning beforehand. Thus, to channelize your inner Indiana Jones, better, it would be better to invest in a quality pair of hiking boots for all the good mountain treks. Along with that, keep a few pairs of shorts and cargo pants with multiple pockets to store all your travelling knick-knacks which you will like to keep handy. Also, a windcheater and an all-weather jacket will come into use for those sudden mercury dips in the air. It is wise to go for textiles that are waterproof to help you stay dry and clean in sudden rains. If you go for frequent sunny weather adventure activities, ensure that you have clothing styles that keep you cool and comfortable.

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Holiday and Vacation Pieces

Last but important, it is not always necessary to go on a shopping frenzy for holiday clothes before every vacation. What is important is to look good in the pictures and feel at ease while exploring your holiday destination. Therefore, keeping in mind the climate of the locale, spend timely wisely selecting the items which you can multi-use. Also as you are out to enjoy, choose the prints and colours which go with the same mood. Loose tunics, kaftans, kimonos, tank tops and a swimsuit (if you will need it where you are going) with a few bottoms should do it.

Sage Floral Print Smock Midi Dress
Sage Floral Print Smock Midi Dress by I SAW IT FIRST

The Bottom Line

Your clothes carry a lot of your personality. And just not your trusted pair of blue jeans and that white shirt, some of the rest of your clothing also has the potential to be your closet classics. While choosing to go for a wardrobe that holds the most essential pieces, it becomes important to keep the most indispensable items. Pairing all the above-mentioned creatively together will help you to make interesting and stylish ensembles, thus keeping your fashion quotient at the top.

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