In the simplest terms, self-care is anything that we do to take care of our mental and emotional well-being. According to experts, indulging in a regular self-care routine through retail therapy can help you uplift your spirits and enhance moods.

Self Care With Stylish Wardrobe Pieces

The relationship between your wardrobe and self-care

Dressing up is in itself an enjoyable activity, which boosts self-esteem. Once decked up in your favourite outfit by putting on matching shoes and accessories, a simple glance into the mirror tickles your happy hormones and makes you feel good about yourself.

However, shopping aimlessly can end up making you suffer from buyer’s remorse. You should plan it properly to get the best out of your self-care regime. So, how can you practice self-care with stylish wardrobe pieces? Let’s tell you now!

Create a list

Rummage through your wardrobe and create a list of things that you’re missing. It can be a matching handbag or a pair of trendy shoes to don to any event, or anything else. The list will help you stay focused on the things you want, while you browse through an online fashion website.

Plan a budget

When you can’t afford to spend recklessly, you should plan a budget according to your list and stick to that. If you come across something that’s not on your list, save it on the wish list to buy the next time you’re shopping.

Be aware of your body

Not everything looks good on everyone. You should be aware of your sense of style and fashion needs to make the most of your shopping endeavour.

Accessories you can buy to upgrade your wardrobe

Self Care With Stylish Wardrobe Pieces


Shoe trends keep changing just like fashion apparel. Be it chain pumps, trendy loafers, or loose boots, you can own each pair by shopping online with JustFab to stay updated with the trends. Pay attention to comfort along with style to choose the pairs that complement your style the most.

You can buy different pairs of shoes for different types of apparel. For example, white sneaks or colourful knee-length boots are perfect casual wears with midis, denim, and shorts. On the other hand, lace-up

sandals look best with formal clothing. You can also opt for crystal-embellished pumps for a chic corporate look.


We can’t ignore the importance of masks these days, because of the increasing risks of diseases and pollution. So, why not go a little trendy with them? You can buy a range of stylish masks along with several other accessories to take your style quotient a notch higher. There’s no harm in looking good while staying safe at the same time, right?

Scarves and hats

Colourful scarves go well with any kind of clothing, be it formal or informal. Not only do they protect you from the harmful UV rays of the sun but also dust and pollution. You can opt for silk and velvet scarves for glamorous outdoor events, while cute, printed chiffon scarves suit every occasion.

Hats are more suitable for casual beach day-outs or travelling. While the sun hats, as the name implies, are perfect for beaches and outdoor picnics, fedoras are more sophisticated and meant for similar occasions. The bucket hats are for casual weekend getaways or similar occasions.

Wrapping it up

There’s a reason why shopping helps us cope with bad days and moods. If you can scientifically channelize your emotions and indulge in a shopping spree without going overboard, you can make it an active part of your self-care regime.

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