The athleisure trend has been going crazy for the last few years and it’s needless to say that it’s here to stay in the long term. All fitness enthusiasts, who also like to look good, while working out, are aware of this trend and accept it as the norm. It’s also being treated as the new casual, which serves multiple purposes. 

The effortless and comfy style that millennials love, is the key characteristic of casual and urban clothing. Merge with it the affinity to stay fit and work out, and you get what we call the athleisure style. They have become so popular in the market recently that it won’t be wrong to say that they are dominating the entire global fashion industry at present. 

So, what are the reasons for this popularity? How can we be so sure that the trend isn’t a passing one and is here to stay? Keep scrolling to know!

Casual is comfortable

Everyone likes to stay casual at times without looking bored, and athleisure outfits help you do just that. They are generally composed of breathable fabrics and are extra stretchable and flexible for all types of activities, which makes them a must-have for your wardrobe. Whether you go out for a casual stroll across the park, or on a hiking trip, they will suit both occasions. 

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It has permeated the lifestyle 

The popularity of athleisure is on a steep rise, as it has managed to enter the lifestyle of the millennials. Whether it’s your printed yoga pants with pockets, bombshell sexy thigh-high sock leggings, shorts, jogger pants, cool gym tees, or hoodies, you can always wear them outside the gyms and fitness centres without feeling awkward. 

You can do them while taking your dog out for a walk, going for a long drive, camping, or buying groceries from the supermarkets. If paired with the right shoes and accessories, they will make you look relaxed and nonchalant, without compromising your sense of fashion. 

Athleisure Wear

Increased celebrity endorsements

More and more celebrities are endorsing popular athleisure brands or even starting them, thus taking the trend to the common people, who like it even more. Celebrities like Selena Gomez, Carry Underwood, and Jessica Simpson among others, have taken the responsibility to popularize athleisure and make people understand its significance.

From co-founding an athleisure brand to flooding her Instagram handle with attractive yoga poses, Kate Hudson is going the extra mile to endorse athleisure and activewear. You can check out the videos at Fabletics once to get more informed about the possible combinations of athleisure wear, besides learning about the latest trends in this clothing category.

The neutral platform

The competition between fashion apparel and sportswear has been doing the rounds of fashion magazines lately. While the brands selling top-grade sportswear are in no mood to slow down their innovation experiments, fashion brands too, are leaving no stone unturned to maintain their position in the top charts. 

As a result, athleisure creates a middle ground, where people can appease their needs for casual, fashionable apparel and trendy workout clothing in a single investment. 

Wrapping it up

Not a single marketing strategy would have worked if the common people didn’t take to this trend. The fact is, athleisure wear is loved by many, who have merged it with their lifestyle completely. Being colourful, versatile, trendy, comfortable, and of course, casual, the trend will not die down, not at least in a few more years. 

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