Although handbags are considered accessories, they have the power to make or break your appearance. You should be careful while choosing your handbag and match it well with your attire. There are so many styles, colours, designs, and patterns that it can get difficult to find the right one for each outfit.

Planning To Buy Handbags

It’s easier to remember the rules of buying handbags if they are categorized in what you should and what you shouldn’t while shopping for the same. So, first of all, let’s turn to the dos:

Do focus on quality

Many a time, the bag you carry determines the way people see you. Therefore, you should focus on the quality of the material, the structure, and the finish to create a positive and classy impression. The fashionistas at renowned brands like TechStyle believe that you can always get stylish handbags that may not be so expensive but of the desired quality. They can help you turn some heads without burning a hole in your pocket for the experience.

Do choose a neutral shade

If you’re looking for a one-fits-all solution, you should go for a neutral shade that you can carry with any outfit. The bright pops should be avoided to prevent inviting unnecessary attention. You can go for light brown, black beige, whites, and off-whites to match the shade with any outfit.

Mia Tui's Eleanor
I am loving the ‘Eleanor’ Handbag by MiaTui! It is a super stylish handbag, that won’t look out of place whatever the venue. You can wear it on your shoulder, in the crook of your arm, or across your body as you get a detachable strap.

Do check the capacity

A handbag isn’t all about looks but convenience as well. Carrying multiple bags, as you couldn’t accommodate everything inside one of them, is not only unfashionable but also impractical. Hence, while buying handbags, make sure you check the available space and see if it can accommodate all your things without any hassle. Now, let’s turn to the don’ts of buying handbags to prevent buyer’s remorse later.

Don’t go for large logos

It appears haughty and somewhat arrogant to flaunt large logos on designer bags. Keep it minimal with small logos that are barely noticeable, so that people are not repulsed by your overly sophisticated sense of branding.

Don’t ignore the purpose

It isn’t trendy to carry office bags to the beach or a date night, as it can weigh you down, besides creating an unfashionable impression. However, there are some trendy leather totes flaunted by celebrities and royalties alike, and you can carry them anywhere. Just keep the purpose and occasion in mind while buying these bags.

Don’t make it too heavy

If you stuff everything forcibly inside your handbag, it may lose its shape and appear clumsy. This apart, it may also wear out before time, if you keep doing the same injustice over and over again. That’s why you should have a clear idea of the available space in the bag before you decide to buy it.

Some other handbag etiquettes that you should keep in mind are, never keeping the bag unzipped, not over-decorating it with key chains or other knick-knacks, and adjusting the strap length according to the length of your outfit. Choose a bag that doesn’t go over the top in terms of colours, prints, and patterns and is soft enough to match your outfit perfectly. Last but not least, keep a colour palette in mind while buying a handbag of your choice.

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