Since the beginning of this year, I have covered topics such as Laying the foundation for 2019, Create new Mind, Body & Spirit Rituals, Simplifying my life for abundance, Focusing on my Health & overall Well-being and Finding & Creating your Signature Style.

This month is all about nurturing my home. Now, more than ever, our homes need to be a retreat that wraps you up and makes you feel great again. I truly believe our homes have a great impact on our health and well-being, everything from your lighting to the colour of the paint you choose can affect your sleep habits, energy levels, and overall health.

Finding beauty in every day and devising lovely ways to make modern day living easier is the intention behind this month’s theme. It’s all about inspiring you to create a healthy and happy home that supports your family’s lifestyle goals – all for little or no money. After all, spending time in spaces we love can help us relax, recharge and prepare to face the world.

5 ways to Nurturing Your Home

  1. Keep it real, make it yours.
  2. Aim for a considered interior where spaces are connected somehow—you might do this through colour or texture, but try and make your signature style thread through the home like a tapestry.
  3. Select the right colours based on the mood of each room.
  4. Play with texture so that it’s not one-dimensional.
  5. Always consider scents, as style is multi-sensory.

It has to be a genuine reflection of you and how you like to live. I see too many people chasing trends that are not necessarily their own, and the lack of authenticity shows. A personal sanctuary tells the story of the homeowners that live there; you get a sense of who they are the minute you step into their space. Everything from their use of colour, choice of material in colour, food on the bench, art on the walls… it all nods to their style and personality. It feels real.

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