Spring is the ideal time to refresh the look and feel of your living room. Reworking the walls will probably be on your wishlist if you want to think beyond the quintessential spring cleaning and decluttering project. The best thing about the project is that you can do it without splurging big money or spending a lot of time. Refreshing your living room walls this spring can be a breeze, provided you pick the right ideas. Here are the ones worth trying for discerning homeowners.

How to Refresh Your Living Room Walls This Spring

Curate a wall-gallery

A gallery wall can bring the element of interest and personalization to your living room this season. You will love to invite friends and relatives for parties after the pandemic lull, so make sure you have something to show off. Display a collection of family pictures or add some DIY crafts you made during the lockdowns. You can even mix things up to get the attention your space deserves.

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Illuminate the artwork

Whether you choose to hang family pictures or display wall art, illuminate the elements for added interest. Installing a sconce above the display art puts it in the spotlight. You may even get creative by stringing tiny fairy lights around them. Adding a pop of colour is also an option with fairy lights. Just get as creative as possible to highlight the main wall in your living room.

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Incorporate an accent wall

This spring, pep up your living room by incorporating an accent wall in its decor plan. Before painting accent walls, you must consider some key factors. Choosing the right hue is the most significant consideration. Ideally, look for a bright tone that brings a dramatic effect. The best way to choose the shade is by seeking recommendations from your painting professional. You may match the colour with the shades of your furniture or accessories. Picking a spring-themed palette is a good option because these evergreen shades look good in all seasons.

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Add texture with a rug

A fresh look this spring is all about thinking outside the box. After all, new ideas are the essence of the season. Why not add texture to your walls by hanging a rug instead of conventional elements like paintings and photo frames. The element brings softness and warmth to the space. Not to mention, you can repurpose your old pieces with this innovative idea. Moreover, it goes well with the sustainability mindset as you reuse and reduce wastage.

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Deck up with shelves

Wall shelves make an excellent decor element if you want a combination of aesthetics and functionality. Just hang up floating shelves on your walls to get the best of both worlds. You even have the advantages of versatility and affordability. Place your knick-knacks, tiny souvenirs, books, CDs, or even small plants as decor elements on the shelves. The best part is that the idea does not pinch your wallet.

Refreshing your living room walls this spring requires some creativity, professional expertise, and a DIY decor penchant. You can pick one or more ideas here and add glitz and beauty to the blank canvasses in your living room.

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