Are you expecting a baby or babies shortly? Of course, by now, you must have read thousands of parenting books that say, “What to expect if you are expecting.” Right? But is your home hygienic enough? Is your home ready to welcome its new newest member?

Paediatricians confirm the fact that 8/10 infants get hazardous diseases due to an unclean or unhygienic home. All this time, you were wondering about what you’ll do after the baby comes but forgot to pay attention to the health of your home.

I am not talking about baby proofing your home or apartment, but it’s hygiene. Don’t worry. It is not late to clean your home. Let’s take a look at some simple and efficient ways to clean your home for its cutest and littlest member.

Welcome your newborn baby to a hygienic home with these tips

Let’s begin!

When you feel that your due date is approaching, start making space for the baby. Get rid of all the things that you don’t use anymore. Whether you like it or not, but it is high time to say goodbye to those sweaters from the early 90s and your PlayStations.

When the baby comes, you will need the space to keep all the necessary equipment and everything else that belongs to your baby.

Also, make sure your kitchen stays clean all the time. Half of the diseases take birth in a messy kitchen. Clean the dishes, take out the trash, and leave no loopholes for the germs to thrive.

Plus, you wouldn’t want to spend your early parenting days, cleaning all the mess. That’s the time you need to rest and admire your baby.

  • Sanitize Everything

Doctors advise that a week before the due date, one should start sanitizing everything in your home. From the hospital bags to the baby clothes, start sanitizing them with an antiseptic soap or detergent. It will minimize the growth of germs.

Also, don’t forget to wash and sanitize all the linens, floors, clothes, and curtains with appropriate cleaning agents to keep germs off your baby.

  • Eliminate those nasty moulds

Take a closer look at the flooded areas or the ones that are exposed to water. Such damp places are play areas for microorganisms, moulds, or algae. If you want your home to be safe from all those hazardous elements, wash the area with soap, water, or other bleaching cleansers.

Caution: Use bleach products with care and appropriate safety measures.

  • Allow the professionals to do their job.

It’s a higher possibility that both the parents are working and none has time to clean the home. Also, you might not be familiar with some in-depth home cleaning procedures. But, don’t worry, there are professionals out there who can help you with it.

The experts at suggest that it is better to contact a licensed company for better results. The industry experts know how to clean those tall windows, pools, decks, or driveways.

Plus, it is better to rest and spend some quality time bonding with your baby and let the professionals handle the cleaning part.

  • Don’t forget the floors.

People who own rugs or carpets often forget to clean their floors. Take note that 65% of the diseases spread from the dust on the floor. Also, when your baby comes, you wouldn’t want to bother it with an avalanche of dust. Right?

Invest in a vacuum cleaner that can help you eliminate the dust and reduce the risk of allergies. Also, if you want to deep-clean your rugs and carpets, try using non-toxic cleaning agents that don’t spread chemical residues.

Even the health experts agree to the fact that the floors should be cleaned all the time, and the carpet should be dusted and vacuumed before the baby’s arrival.

Paediatricians say that half of the allergies in newborn babies occur due to dust at home.

It is also essential to disinfect the floors with appropriate bio-degradable agents. When your baby starts crawling, it will spend most of its time on the floor. Various cleaning agents are chemical-based. While crawling, your baby might get exposed to those nasty chemicals and might get into contact with germs and allergens.


Now that you know how you can clean your home and prepare it for your baby’s arrival, use the tips to keep your infant safe.

Gifting a clean and disinfected home to your newborn is the first step towards life-long protection. Also, that’s the first commitment you make right before you introduce the baby to its new world.

So, make sure your home is completely baby proofed and cleaned before it welcomes its littlest resident.

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