Whether you plan to give your living room a makeover or want to start from scratch, the real challenge lies in blending aesthetics with functionality. You would also want to max the space and make it look cosy and welcoming. While there isn’t a one-size-fits-all formula for living room decor, you can rely on a checklist of elements that are essential to make your decor complete. Here are the key elements that make a cosy and happy living room you would love to flaunt.

5 Elements That Make A Cosy & Happy Living Room

Start with the sofa

The sofa is the centrepiece of this part of the house as it seats your guests and loved ones and is the venue for warm conversations. Pick one that is just the right size for the room while making sure that you have enough space to host a small get-together. Invest in an evergreen colour and design that has the potential to last for years. Apart from the look of the sofa, its comfort matters the most. The best thing about this element is that you can easily play with it. For example, throwing some vibrant pillows can glam it up instantly.

Create more seating with chairs

Your sofa is where the conversations start, but it may not be enough to accommodate guests at a small house party. Consider creating more seating with individual chairs. You can choose the number and size depending on the available space and your requirements. Additionally, there is much choice in shapes and styles when you explore the range in the market. Just make sure that whatever you choose complements the sofa well enough to come up with a welcoming seating arrangement.

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Get the right coffee table

Once you are sorted out with the seating arrangement with the right sofa and chairs, it is time to choose the right coffee table as well. It is something you will need to entertain your guests by placing drinks and nibbles or playing online bingo games and cards. Pick one that is of the same height as the seat of the main sofa. Choose dimensions according to the size of the room so that you do not end up cramming the space.

Bring warmth to the fireplace

Another element that your living room must absolutely have is a fireplace because it is as much about warmth as it is about aesthetics. Installing a white fireplace by MagikFlame is a good idea if you want to enjoy the ambience of a roaring fire minus the expense, hassle and upkeep requirements of a wood-burning unit. An electric fireplace is an incredibly convenient option that makes it possible to warm up your living space quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

Invest in a rug

A large and stylish rug makes a good investment for your living room because it adds a powerful focal point without costing a lot. Choose a size that covers a good part of the floor area so that everyone can have their feet on it when seated. With this element, you have much flexibility as you can spread it out in the winters and roll it up and store it in the warmer months.

Following this simple checklist of elements covers you for the basic living room decor. Start with these basics and add according to your preference and creativity.

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