The cases of dog bites in the US and Georgia are becoming increasingly common. Sometimes even neighbourhood dogs now bite people unexpectedly and leading to severe injuries.

Unfortunately, any person can be a victim of a dog bite, irrespective of age and sex. What matters most is the aftermath of such an incident. So, what should you do when you become a victim of dog bites?

Below are five steps to take.

Got Bitten By A Dog Here are five things to do

●     See a Medical Practitioner

You should seek medical attention when a dog bites you. This is because there exists the possibility of getting infected; thus, you might need antibiotics. In Atlanta, dogs must have vaccinations, but in cases where the vaccinations are not up to date, you would require treatments that prevent dog bite diseases like rabies.

●     Contact the Police

After getting medical attention, your next step is to contact the nearest police and make a report of your dog bite case. Your case would be documented, while the officer would issue a citation to the dog’s owner if they violated any country or state laws. Also, in some cases, the police might place a call to animal control.

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●     Collect Information From the Dogs Owner

Irrespective of your situation, it is vital that you collect the name of the dog owner and their home address. This information would help you and should be added to the police report. However, if you didn’t file a police report, you should ensure you know the dog owner’s information and address.

●     Gather Evidence

In Atlanta, dog bite cases are treated as negligence. This means that the case you would bring against the dog owner would be an allegation against the dog owners since their negligence caused you injuries. Therefore you would need an attorney to show proof that you were injured due to the dog’s bite and the negligence of the owner.

You would need statements from witnesses, medical records from your doctor, pictures of your injuries, and a written account of the dog attack to show your injuries. These factors will help give strength to your case.

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●     Contact An Attorney

You should seek a personal injury lawyer when you suffer severe injuries from a dog bite in Atlanta. A personal injury lawyer would protect your rights.

In fatal dog bite cases, you would need an Atlanta personal injury lawyer to help you file a claim against the dog’s owner. Filing a personal injury claim is the best way to ensure that you get compensation for your injuries.

●     Dealing with Insurance Companies

In cases where the dog’s owner has insurance and you are being questioned, know that you are under no obligation to discuss the attack incident with the insurance company. Instead, you can tell the insurance company to wait for your lawyer to arrive before you speak with them.

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That’s A Wrap

It can be emotionally and physically traumatic and overwhelming for most people to experience a dog attack. However, with the presence of an experienced personal injury lawyer, you are ensured of your right being protected.

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